ClickHelp – Innovative Software Solution for Technical Writers

In the past, technical writers used word processors like MS Word. However, it was not comfortable, and over the last decade, most of the technical documents started moving to online documentation tools. Online documentation tools (also known as help authoring tools) allow tech writers to store documentation online, so it can be reached easily by authors, their teams, and readers because they just need the Internet connection and a browser. One great example of a software documentation tool is ClickHelp. But online document storage is not the only advantage of such tools. Here we will tell you why ClickHelp is the innovative software solution for technical writers.

Business Benefits

As ClickHelp is a browser-based, 100% cloud tool, your documentation is stored on the servers. It means that you don’t need to install anything, you just need a device (you can work on a smartphone or tablet as well) and the Internet connection. You can work on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux on any browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and others. So, all team members can work together in one portal and nothing will be missed – no one will have to search for the right version of a user manual, just write, review and publish your documentation. It will save your money and time.

ClickHelp - Innovative Software Solution for Technical Writers
Business Benefits

Moreover, ClickHelp has a wide range of business models that are flexible and will fit any budget. For example, a standard plan costs $63/month (billed annually) and includes 3 authors, 15 reviewers, 300 topics. But it can be also customized according to your needs.

Agile Technical Writing

A documentation team’s workload mostly depends on devs because any sudden functionality change can lead to a whole lot of changes in your documentation. As a result, a user manual can be written by bits and pieces, and someone can be a bottleneck in this situation. Using other tools, you will have to wait for your team members to update the whole project, but in ClickHelp, agile technical writing is possible – you can publish the ready topic instantly. Here is how it works:

  •  Click the stacked papers icon next to the topic filter and proceed with the Select Topics to Publish… option in the drop-down box:
Agile Technical Writing
  • Choose a topic(s) you want to update.
Choose a topic(s) you want to update
  • click publish SELECTED.
ClickHelp – Innovative Software Solution for Technical Writers
  • The Publishing wizard window will appear. Configure publishing according to your needs.
The Publishing wizard window will appear. Configure publishing according to your needs

That’s all! No one has to wait for a team member, and content can be delivered faster!

Branding Possibilities

In ClickHelp, you can brand your documentation portal according to your needs. ClickHelp offers different ready-to-use project templates. For example, here is the API documentation template:

Branding Possibilities

This template features large icons and typography for each publication to help you make your documentation crisp and professional. However, you are not limited to those ready styles – you can modify your documentation portal branding the way you like. Here is a minimalistic example of branding:

your documentation portal branding

ClickHelp user manual provides you with clear steps on doc portal branding, even if you don’t know CSS. If you want something more complex, the ClickHelp team will be happy to help you achieve your dreams.


ClickHelp is a feature-rich help authoring tool that will make your technical writing process more productive and effective. If you want to try it yourself, you can order a free trial (no credit cards are required) and you’ll get:

  • Password-protected online portal.
  • All features included.
  • 10 author accounts.