Clique Announces Newly Established Partnership With The SUMMA Group of Oppenheimer & Co


Clique, the company who pioneered the CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, has announced that they are partnering up with Oppenheimer Co Inc.’s SUMMA Group as a subscriber for the Clique Labs solution.

Clique Announces Newly Established Partnership With The SUMMA Group of Oppenheimer & Co

SUMMA Group Executive Director of Investments Robert Dalie states that the company is very excited to have the Clique CPaaS service as part of their business tool. The executive further agreed that bringing Clique, a globally recognized CPaaS solutions brand, is a key move to the success of the organization.

Founder and Clique CEO Andy Powers is delighted to have Oppenheimer as one of their partners within the Clique Labs umbrella. As Oppeheimer & Co. is a high-end investment firm and boutique wealth management company and the SUMMA branch (located in Los Angeles, CA) is a perfect fit for the technology that Clique offers its prestigious clients. The CEO further says that Clique will be providing the company with their proprietary CARD and CALL offerings for contact cards, calling and collaboration needs no matter where they are in the world. In part, the Clique subscription brings this communication convenience to all of Clique’s API partners. Furthermore, the CliqueAPI calls for seamless transmission, translation and sentiment analysis under one roof.

As such, Labs is the perfect platform for API clients for greater services and access solutions. The CALL and CARD technology digitizes businesses and allows for multi-channel party calling.

The Clique API Virtual Meeting Space

Effective multi-channel communication has always been a challenge for all enterprises. At any given day, an individual has access to several devices that have different operating systems. The need for an all-in-one communication platform is important as it allows the organization to focus on the meeting itself instead of worrying about maintenance and quality of voice.

What is CPaaS?

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. By itself, the cloud-based communication service can be embedded within applications for seamless integration. Its primary goal is to give businesses and their employees or customers easy communication access without the need of a separate infrastructure or program.

Clique API with its cloud-based platform is poised to offer various communication methods in a seamless package. The virtual meeting can be set up easily, and interested attendees can simply click on a link instead of needing a PIN or an invitation. The two-way communication happens easily with little manual input required.

Instant Conferencing

Slack and Salesforce users can easily have the Clique API installed and get their meetings up in lesser time. You can utilize the API on a smart device or right from a Chrome browser.

HD Quality Communication

The API technology in Clique’s CPaaS offering provides HD audio clarity with little to no loss throughout the session. The robust code allows up to a hundred participants with no change in audio quality.

Custom Implementations

Clique’s APIs and SDKs are supported by the company’s dedicated team when you need custom implementation.

Expect the team to make your Clique application fit according to your needs and launch communication features for business and multi-channel party use.


The platform handles voice, screen sharing and messaging possible on any system, application environment, infrastructure, device and location. Moreover, it can connect on various messaging mediums, including WhatsApp, Slack and others and can be integrated quickly on Box, Salesforce, G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

Excellent Support

Clique has world-class support as part of their subscription service for their CPaaS platform. Instead of simply handing the API and leaving you on your own, the team works closely with their client in launching, testing and developing custom versions for brand use and calling.


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