Coin Master: How The App Lives Up To Its Name


If the 2019 phenomenon Coin Master has somehow passed you by, the game has been leading the charts for top-grossing free apps in several countries.

Coin Master

Countless new apps are launched daily, but it can be hard to predict which ones are going to stand out. Even then, they might not have a winning formula for a hit. We’re not sure if there is a particular recipe for success when it comes to designing and building apps, but it can’t hurt to see what goes into making an app successful.

What Is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a game that can be played solo, but is most enjoyable when played with friends. Players aim to collect coins and build up villages with items that are purchased through said coins. There are over 200 villages that players get to travel through at their own pace and speed. Every village has its own unique theme, such a Magical Forest, Coin Manor and Steampunk Land to name a few. All villages are designed with five items that are catered to the motif of the village and they really help develop the story and let the player feel as if they are being whisked away to that area or time period. These five items are usually a character, a pet, some form of a house, a mode of transportation and something natural. There are five upgrades to each item in every village, and they are all necessary in order to complete that village and move onto the next. The player is able to upgrade the items with the coins they have won, and there is even a wonderful building animation for each “fix” or “item upgrade” so the player can experience the village being constructed. To get coins, you need to play and hope to find fortune, and you can raid other villages to take their coins. The game provides players with coins and gold sacks, which can be used on their villages, but players can also win hammers for raids, and shields for protecting their village.

The app has several elements to keep players entertained. These include special events, games within the game, the pets, and card collecting and trading. The topic of Card Collection is one of the most popular aspects of the game, and certainly the most spoken about amongst players across social platforms. It is incredibly amazing to see how many online social groups there are consisting of fans from across the world that are created purely to discuss and handle Coin Master card trading. It is a wonderful way for players to connect with others from across the globe who just so happen to have similar interests, such as Coin Master, and develop friendships with other players solely from trading cards with each other or sending cards to others just for fun. Treasure chests in different villages can be bought to reveal cards, and the idea is to collect them all to complete the set. You’ll find standard cards, rare cards, and extra special gold cards. The objective of collecting and trading cards is to complete card sets and win much sought after special rewards, such as spins and pet experience.

Coin Master: How The App Lives Up To Its Name

Who Developed Coin Master?

The company behind Coin Master is Moon Active. They are one of the world’s fastest-growing mobile game startups. They are creating iOS, Android and Facebook games to entertain millions across the globe.

When it came to Coin Master, they created an engaging game that transcended languages and cultures. Taking on perhaps their biggest challenge yet, the company has risen to the occasion.

They bring together technically minded teams, with creative visionaries to produce well-rounded mobile games like Coin Master. The app was launched in 2016 and now has over 100 million downloads. Their approach has undoubtedly got something right.

App Developers Are the Coin Masters

While millions are downloading and enjoying Coin Master, behind it is rightfully reaping their rewards for creating and releasing a well-designed and engaging mobile app. The number of players across the world speaks for itself.

Mobile games that are free to download have become the main trend in the mobile game stratosphere. Coin Master toppled Candy Crush Saga from the top of the charts in Great Britain and Ireland for top-grossing apps.

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