Commander One Review: Perfect Tool for Advanced File Management

Commander One is a dual file manager and it also acts like a Finder replacement application for macOS. Commander One is a free productivity focused file manager. This app is developed by Eltima Software and it also provides functions that default OS X file manager could not do with the basic operations such as deleting, copying, moving, renaming, creating and managing folder. Just like other Finder application, it can also enhance the file browsing while taking on the macOS. Commander One is influenced by Norton Commander and it is free orthodox which follow two-panel paradigm for Mac file manager for the modern life.

In the Commander One a powerful tool is inbuilt through which you can interface with your system in a new manner. The app is like a natural part of Mac as the app is written in the Swift programming language. Commander One is entirely made of Swift and it is a fast and nimble type of software which helps in the function of file manager in a rich manner for your Mac.

Fit and Finish

Fit and Finish

Commander One is well designed with a user interface which helps in blending with macOS. While testing about the app it is found that it is completely free from any type of bugs or operational quirks. It also helps in delivering reliability in spades. In the app when it comes to the files management then any level of bugginess is not acceptable.

Fast Finder

With the use of Commander One, you have no need to open a single Finder window when you want to copy, rename, move, and delete the groups of files. The app also lets you open your favorite section or accessed files in the past with history via with frequently accessed files. The app also helps in running the file task in the background through which you can easily work with the multiple windows of commander one.

Perfect Tool for Power Users

While keeping a record of every file is very difficult with the macOS finder. Commander One provides a huge range of variety of functions for supporting the requirements of the high-end file management. When you will move and manage your files on a daily basis then commander one will make your life easier.

Built-in Achievers

Before Commander One for unpacking and compressing files like TAR, ZIP, and RAR needs additional software but in Commander One you have no need of any extra software. Files which are hidden by finder but in this app you are able to see that files in a normal way.

Built-in Achievers

Pricing and Availability

Downloading of Commander One is free of cost. You can use it all feature for 15 days before it gets upgrade with kinds of stuff such as archiver, built-in FTP client, sharing dropbox links, terminal emulation and theming.

If you want to work in elegant with faster and convenient way then you should go for Commander One for your Mac. With the help of this app, you can work in a smooth manner and also increases productivity while saving lots of time.

Commander One is a perfect replacement for Christian Ghisle’s Total Commander when you are changing from the Windows system world to macOS.

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