Common causes of Damaged and Corrupted Videos and Ways to Fix It


Video has largely transitioned from being closed-circuit to being mostly portable and stored on mediums, such as hard drives and others.

Common causes of Damaged and Corrupted Videos and Ways to Fix It

The caveat, however is that these files can be corrupted or damaged much like any other ones.

When this happens, what are the options available for you?

Causes of Video File Corruption and Damage

Fortunately, an online tool like Wondershare Repairit can take care of damaged and corrupted videos easily, but you’ll have to understand how it happens.

Malware and Viruses

Common causes of Damaged and Corrupted Videos and Ways to Fix It

An infection can do more than just render a computer inoperable- it can damage essential system files, apps, photos and videos as well, among others.

Faulty Storage Devices

Common causes of Damaged and Corrupted Videos and Ways to Fix It

Sometimes it’s the case of a faulty storage that renders a video unplayable. This is one of the more common cases when it comes to determining the cause of video corruption.

Hard drives, flash drives and SSDs can become corrupted or develop bad sectors, especially if they’ve been dropped or have been used a long time.

Getting a Conversion Error

Trying to convert videos on a slow computer or one that’s prone to crashing can spell trouble for your media. The same goes for when you’re using a sub-par conversion program.

System Crashes

Common causes of Damaged and Corrupted Videos and Ways to Fix It

A BSOD, or blue screen of death and similar situations can result in a lot of corrupted files. When it happens repeatedly then you probably will want to deal with fixing the computer first before trying to open the video file.

Solutions to Video File Corruption and Damage

The first thing you should do when faced with a corrupted/damaged video is to calm down.

Remember that there are many ways to fix and restore a video, and it’s not the end of the world when your favorite file experiences this setback.

Get to the Bottom

Before trying a free video repair online you should try to determine which medium is defective- the file or the hardware. If you’re using an external drive, try to see if there’s enough power. Check the drive for errors and if there are trouble sectors.

Also, try using a different program to open the video since it could be the one that’s having an issue. In this case it’s just a matter of uninstalling, updating, or getting a new video player.

Use an Online Video Repair Tool

Common causes of Damaged and Corrupted Videos and Ways to Fix It

Wondershare Repairit online is one of the best online free video repair tools available today.

If the corrupted video you need to fix is in MP4, MOV, or 3GP, then this online repair option is the easiest way to get it done.

Using Wondershare Repairit Online Tool is quite convenient since you don’t need to sign up. It’s completely online-based so you don’t have to download or install a program. All you need to do is head over to the secure site and repair videos with the assurance that your privacy is protected.

Simply upload the corrupted video by clicking the + sign right on your browser, then wait for Repairit to do its job. Afterwards, you can download the file again, which should be fixed by then and ready for playback.

You can repair up to 10 videos in one day by uploading via the website then saving them one at a time on your computer, provided each file size is 200MB or less.

Best of all, it’s completely free and works faster than the competition. For those who need a quick and 100% free video repair solution, this is it.

There’s also a desktop version for those who need something more robust than a simple and free video repair platform.

Convert with VLC

Common causes of Damaged and Corrupted Videos and Ways to Fix It

At first glance VLC may seem like it’s only good for video playback but this is not the case. As it turns out, it can do basic video repairs as well.

The program works with mp4 videos and optimizes playback compatibility while it runs. Encoding is re-done and information gets reorganized for a smoother playback.

Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find it a versatile media player and converter. Compared to Repairit the conversion and fixing can take some time but it may be played afterwards.


File corruption is always a possibility especially if the hardware is old or constantly used.

After trying a plethora of online video repair tools it’s better to be safe than sorry next time. For your most important and favorite videos we’d recommend making a copy or two and backing it up on a different storage media.

Also, remember to run diagnostic checks on your computer and hard drives as well to minimize the chances of hardware failure.

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