So the new iOS just rolled out, and with that, a ton of other Apple products ranging from the new iPhone 13 as well as the Apple watch, iPad and so on. But as we all know, with every new update there also comes a hassle and plethora of bugs that are initially overlooked by the devops during QA.

Common mobile application glitches to look out for in iOS 15 (or any other phone/software)

That being said, if you as a business are trying to limit such bugs in your own creations, then offers a ton of services for custom software development that are effectively tested and followed by a strict QA phase. So that businesses do not have to catch a simple glitch that emerges only when millions of users join the bandwagon and download it on their functioning devices.

For the new iOS release, we recommend that you do not download the beta update, as it is prone to be filled with bugs, and if you are worried about testing out the new features, use a different device for that. But there are a few common glitches that make their way into the applications that no one usually anticipates, which are as follows:

Common mobile application glitches to look out for in iOS 15 (or any other phone/software)

Battery Drainage

Like every other update, iOS 15 is also plagued with the ultimate issue of quickly draining your battery life as soon as it reaches your phone. Iphone users usually complain about their lack of battery retention over time, but when a new update is in town, the already existing issue increases its pace, leaving users baffled and glued to their chargers and sockets.

Common mobile application glitches to look out for in iOS 15 (or any other phone/software)

Application Crashes

This is a norm with not only iOS 15 but with almost every other device and softwares. The bugs do not allow users to download any new application without facing multiple crashes. Furthermore, this crash also triggers the existing application in the phone, whether downloaded or default which makes daily usage of your device

Facetime Issues

One of Apple’s most used applications, FaceTime is also under fire for not performing upto the mark after the new iOS 15 update. A call with more than 5 users will not be of extremely low quality, and while screen sharing, it will automatically turn off your camera without prior permission or notice.

Camera Mode Switches to Macro

Considering how Apple was proud of their camera upgrade, this one is a disappointment for users who wholeheartedly trust Apple for their camera technology. A bug has engulfed users who are trying to take close up images. Their camera mode unexpectedly changes from regular to macro mode, and while Apple has acknowledged the glitch, it’s workaround will only be possible after a new update rollouts soon.

Apple Maps Crashing

Back in iOS 14, a new feature of Apple Maps Look Around made an appearance, similar to that of Google Street view where users could move around and view the street and location as first-person. But with the new update, not only is the Apple Maps application constantly facing unresponsive crashes, but also the Look Around feature has become troublesome, with rendering issues and blurry images, making it unable for users to navigate according to their needs.

Common mobile application glitches to look out for in iOS 15 (or any other phone/software)

Issues on Other Phones and Softwares

It’s a shame that not only Apple but other top software companies are also engulfed in this bug-ridden scandal regarding their mobile applications and services which fail to perform upon the arrival of a system upgrade or update. And some of the common problems that almost all the devices face are as follows:

  • Over Heating
  • Storage Issue
  • Google Play Application Issues
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Application Crashes
  • Download Issues
  • Phone Freezing
  • Issues navigating Control Centre
  • Screen Resolution and Brightness
  • Wi-fi Connectivity Issues

Users expect businesses to thoroughly test out their product before releasing it out in the market, which is not just a bad practice, but can contribute to the negative marketing of the product and brand itself. Quality Assurance is an integral part of any software development, and especially those custom made to fit the requirements business needs.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.