Comparium: Automatic Website Testing Tool

Comparium is the popular cross browser application For Website Testing. This App Is Going To Release Soon In The Market. Today most business owners create a website to reach customers directly. The website must be reliable and authentic before reaching to the customer. For this, you should check the website properly and can use the cross-browser testing tool. It is the tool which helps in evaluating the website on the different browser. Even this tool also helps in exploring changes you made on the site for increasing the production. Using this tool you can also test the site manually when using the same browser for launching the site. This tool of testing can also explore that your site can run in all types of the screen whether it is system or mobile.

The tool is the best to test the site before you make any changes in it.Comparuim is the testing application which can be used by users at free of cost and make their site more effective. Even with this tester tool, you can also check the design and operating system. The testing tool provides users with the result to have multiple browser combinations and reach to many customers with ease.

Key Features of the Comparium

Supports Different web browser

The application provides users the opportunity to test their site on operating with a different combination. Even you can also test it according to your choice and makes it reliable to run excellently. With the new version of the application, you can test with a variety of browsers. These browsers also help in the testing visual capability of the site. In this application, users can have hassle-free and faultless testing.

Key Features

Provide offline result of the site

By using this testing tool technique you do not need to wait in front of the system. Many people have to do this so that they can take a screenshot and put on the page as proof. But with this application, you have to just submit the test and provide the email id. Once the testing process gets completed it will send the result on users email. Even screenshots will be sent in the email. This makes the working easy and simple.

offline result

Support different platform of browsers

The application also provides support by using the different operating system. In this users can explore High Sierra, Linux, Window 10 and 7, and Mac OS X Mojave. It means now you can easily have access of modern and the most famous operating system test. In this way, users can also check the compatibility of the site on a different platform to make it proficient.

Support different platform of browser

Saves time and money

With the use of the highly advanced application for testing the site, you can easily save time and have another work to increase production. In this, you do not require to visit different sites and test the combination of browser. In this application, you have to just submit the address of the site and after sometime collect the result. Then accordingly you can make changes in it and get the reliable website for production.

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