Convert PDF to CSV

Using PDF files is one of the best ways to spread information and share it with other people. The PDF format is easy to use, dependable, however if you want to perform spreadsheet operations, this can be a bit hard to do. That’s where the need for a CSV files comes into play. CSV is a format that can be particularly used for calculations, and you can also perform an analysis with it. You can also compare information or even create a line graph with it. That means you need to know how to Convert PDF to CSV, as it will make things easier for you to calculate all these things.

Is it possible to Convert PDF to CSV?

Absolutely, you can easily Convert PDF to CSV, all you need is to find the right tool and you will find that it works incredibly well. All you have to do is to find the right app to help you do that. You don’t need to try and convert it manually, that can take hours and hours. With the right PDF to CSV converter, you will have no problem getting the value and quality you need, and that alone will be an incredible tool to use all the time.

Offline tools

If you are offline most of the time or you just don’t want to use online tools, then you can rely on offline converters. These apps are very easy to use, and they usually have a simple set of guidelines, as you will see below:

  • Download the offline tool and then install it
  • Choose the file/s you want to convert from PDF to CSV, add them to the app
  • Now you want to select the output format, which in our case is CSV
  • Press the Convert button in the app.
  • Wait until the conversion process is completed
  • Now you will be able to download the CSV file and use it in Excel or any other similar tool

These are some of the tools you can use to convert PDF to CSV with:

PDF Element

What you will like about PDF Element is the fact that it can easily convert PDF to CSV without any issues. You can easily convert or scan the PDF file and then you can edit it with ease. Then you can convert the PDF file to CSV. You can still keep comments, reviews and even signed content. This tool is a paid one, but it’s extremely dependable, it converts to a plethora of formats and it’s also very reliable. If you want to know how to convert PDF to CSV, this is the right way to do it.


  • It has a very simple, easy to use interface
  • You can edit the PDF before you choose to convert it
  • All special content is retained in the PDF file


  • It’s quite expensive
  • It does crash sometimes under large workloads

ProperSoft PDF2CSV

ProperSoft’s tool does a very good job at extracting transactions from PDF files, and then it helps create CSV files that you can import into Excel, QuickBooks or Quicken. There’s no need for data entry, everything is automated and fully customized to suit your needs. The app understands layouts and it can easily convert banking transactions from your PDF into CSV very fast. In addition, the app has a trial system, so you can test it for yourself to see how it all works before you buy it.


  • Extracts transactions from PDF
  • No data entry required
  • It understands layouts


  • The interface can be hard to work with

Simpo PDF to Excel

SimpoPDF to Excel Converter will extract and then convert tables from the PDF files, then transform them into CSV files. This app provides batch conversion support, it can also help maintain the original text, and it will also turn all the PDF data in just a few steps. The data can be reused in spreadsheets, and all the formatting is kept intact for the best convenience and quality.


  • Supports batch conversion
  • You can encrypt files upon converting them


  • There can be some missed conversions
  • The interface needs a bit more work

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is the ideal solution if you want to convert between a variety of formats. This also helps you learn how to convert PDF to CSV, all of which is very intuitive and a pleasure to go through. If you need to convert files at the office and you use a plethora of formats, this helps quite a lot. They support PDF to CSV conversion, so you will be very happy with the experience.


  • You have complete support for multiple formats
  • It helps convert scanned PDF with OCR
  • Very fast and simple conversion system


  • The license is expensive
  • You are paying for multiple formats, even if you are using just 2

Online PDF to CSV converters

For a lot of people, it’s a lot easier to convert PDF to CSV through online tools. What we like about this type of tool is that it’s very simple, you don’t have to download anything and the entire process is performed in just a few seconds.

  • Open the converter’s URL
  • Choose to convert between PDF and CSV files
  • Press Convert
  • You will be able to download the file right after the conversion process is over

The entire process is very quick and convenient, it provides a very easy to use system, and most of these apps work exactly the same, as you will see below!


You just need to drag and drop the file you want to convert, choose the CSV format and then you will receive an email once the file is converted. It’s the simplest and easiest way to convert PDF to CSV, and you can reuse the app as many times as you can. There’s a 50 MB limit and you can’t batch convert files, but it’s still a really good tool.


  • You can convert through a variety of formats
  • The conversion process is really simple
  • You get to learn more about the converted formats


  • Converted Files are sent via email, which can be inconvenient
  • There can be some errors at times
  • 50 MB limit per file


If you’re looking to convert PDF to CSV, then this tool really helps a lot. You can get files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox and so on. Upload the file, press Convert and then you can download the result on the spot. This is by far one of the fastest ways to learn how to convert PDF to CSV. The download is available in a few seconds, so the conversion is very fast.


  • One of the best online converter interfaces
  • Everything is free, you don’t have to pay for the conversion
  • You can convert files from your Google Drive or Dropbox.


  • There’s a limit of 100 MB per file


Once you start using AnyConv, you will find that it’s a very seamless and fast service. You just need to upload the PDF file, press the Convert button and download the resulting CSV file. As always, the conversion is very fast. Just like Zamzar, this free service has a 50 MB limit.


  • Comprehensive guidelines right on the page
  • The conversion process is very fast
  • Free of charge


  • Not the best interface, it needs some work


If you want to learn how to convert PDF to CSV, this is by far the best way to do it. Using a downloadable or online converter can help a lot, and the process is as simple as uploading the file or adding it to the app, selecting the CSV format and then getting the resulting CSV file. Each one of these tools is very dependable, it has a lot of users and you will be very happy with the overall performance. Do try and find the right one for you, some of them support batch conversion, others are limited. Then you also have paid and free, online tools. Take these solutions into account and you will be incredibly impressed with the results.

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