Convert Your Tech Skills to Money in the Digital Age

The technology industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Individuals and companies are increasingly dependent on technology for almost everything. Therefore, possessing tech skills is an excellent way to generate handsome income.

According to studies, tech talent salary has now exceeded six figures and is mostly unaffected by job cuts resulting from the recession. The tech industry plays a key role in how the world is running. You can capitalize on this need using your skills and reach the six-figure salary threshold you’ve always dreamed of.

Convert Your Tech Skills to Money in the Digital Age

6 Strategies for Earning Money With Your Tech Skills

With the high demand for tech, there are countless ways to make money using your skills. Tech positions are so vital that even the COVID pandemic could not take them down as it did other industries. The best thing about tech skills is that you don’t require a computer science degree to crack the internet. You only need the right skills to boost your market value.

However, not everybody knows this, as most individuals or companies are willing to hire rather than learn. Others can’t juggle learning and keeping up with the competitive nature of their industries. Here is where you come in and maximize your skills using the following recommendations.

Design Websites

Some established companies rely on their websites to sell their brand but are too busy to design them. Use your web development skills to create and design websites or e-commerce platforms for businesses. You can charge them for designing, developing, and maintaining the platforms.

Ensure you have skills such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Adobe XD, wireframing, and other design apps. Well-defined skills will help you provide solutions and have a reputable and successful web design business.

Create Passive Income

Creating passive income is an excellent strategy for using your tech skills to earn money. The best thing about passive income is that it may take some time and effort to prepare, but it can be your side hustle for the long run if set up correctly. The gig economy has contributed to people working from the comfort of their homes, creating numerous passive income opportunities.

You can sell products like e-books, online courses, or software apps. Promoting products and services through affiliate marketing on social media also helps you earn passive income. Additionally, you can participate in paid online surveys and turn your idle time to money with

Offer Tech Consulting Services

With the IT consulting sector experiencing a skyrocketing growth of over 30% in the last ten years, it is worth diving in. There are countless possibilities for you to help businesses thrive through tech consulting. You can provide innovative technology consulting solutions to businesses to help them thrive in the digital age. You can offer IT strategies, digital transformations, project management, and data analytics services.

With the increased rate of cybercrime, cyber security services are invaluable to companies who want to safeguard their data. You can offer them strategies for overcoming possible threats and conducting vulnerability tests.

Provide Automation Services

More businesses report increased ROI after using automation services due to enhanced product delivery. Consequently, a study found that 50% of businesses will adopt automation by 2023 as it increases productivity. Therefore, if you are skilled, you can leverage this growing popularity of automation and offer services in this area. Automation can find great use in healthcare, retail, food care, laundromats, and packaging.


Freelancing can involve offering your expertise in tech skills, such as digital marketing and graphic design, online. You charge your clients hourly rates depending on the project. Platforms like, Upwork, and Fiverr are great places to begin as you explore other opportunities.

Freelancing is lucrative, with Upwork reporting that almost half of the freelancers earn more than they did when they attended a 9-5 job. Your role as a freelancer involves helping clients market their products and services online. You are responsible for leading the target audience to the company’s website to buy their brand. The best part of freelancing is flexibility; you don’t have to tie yourself to a schedule like a full-time job.

Offer Online Courses

Do you possess expertise or a skill that others will pay you to teach them? Share your tech skills by creating online courses or tutorials. It is an easy and more effective way for learners as it allows you to share files.

Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable enable you to create and sell courses on various tech subjects, such as gaming, programming languages, data science, etc. To begin, build an online class, set the price, and earn up to $20 hourly from tutoring.

Key Takeaway

You no longer have to have a white-collar job to earn much money. Or a university degree! Technology has revolutionized how the world works and affected most aspects of life. Being tech-savvy is essential and lucrative only if you know where to apply your skills.

The opportunities are countless, from designing websites to digital marketing to online tutoring. The flexibility and profitability of using tech talents give you a better advantage than those employed in traditional office jobs. Find your niche and scale up your financial freedom today.