Whenever we move to a new home in a new neighborhood there are certain key things to remember to make good neighborly relations and engage in a happy community living. A Housewarming party is one of those key things, for this is the grand event that announces your arrival into the new neighborhood. But due to this being your new home certain items can easily be misplaced and things may get lost, only to be found later after the party. So you need some essential electronic appliances to take care of your neighbors’ and guests’ needs and to also keep the house warming party lively.

Cool Tech Gifts 2022: 8 Best Electronic Home Appliances to Get for a Housewarming Party

Here is an itemized list of those electronic items which you absolutely should get before a housewarming party:

1. Smart Display:

A smart display can show the news, read the weather forecast, and even play an amazon prime movie. Apart from the obvious, it can also show the time. In a house warming party this display can be a wonderful pastime for those guests who want to explore different shows and movies and talk about them, etc. It can also prove useful by helping to be a conversation starter, like suppose you can ask your neighbor hey did you see this scene in the avengers or like that. Nevertheless having this device in your home will be quite intriguing.

2. Smart Vacuum Cleaner:

This is a must-have item for every house, as it helps to automatically keep the house clean without much effort. In a housewarming party especially this smart vacuum cleaner can help you keep the floors tidy and hence maintain a clean overall decorum. You can customize its operating time and area using an accompanying app (available for certain manufacturers).

Cool Tech Gifts 2022: 8 Best Electronic Home Appliances to Get for a Housewarming Party

3. Digital Picture Frame:

This is an inexpensive but highly worthy electronic item, as having it means you can show off some cool pictures of maybe your last vacation, adventure or award ceremony, or other similar highlighting worthy events. This digital picture frame can also be a conversation starter when people enquire about you after seeing your travel photos or hiking photos or other similar adventurous photos. On a side note if you are looking to start your own business in electronics then here is an awesome site where you can buy wholesale iPhones and then resell them at a profit.

Cool Tech Gifts 2022: 8 Best Electronic Home Appliances to Get for a Housewarming Party

4. Air Tags:

Apple’s Air tags use a CR2032 button cell type battery and NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth to connect with devices. At a big housewarming party, there is quite the possibility that you might misplace some small yet essential items like car keys, etc, and then later search around the entire house. Air tags help you solve just that. You can find your objects using the accompanying app and live without any worries.

5. Aromatic Scent Dispenser:

Several times especially during the rainy season the atmosphere is damped and hence there is this odd smell that instantly spoils the mood. To eliminate this problem we need air fresheners. Now in a house warming party, you will go running around in rooms to spray air freshener or attend to guests? I am sure you will prefer to attend the guests. So by using an automatic scent dispenser you can essentially automate this whole process and save yourself a lot of hassle.

6. Smart Wifi Plug:

This smart electronic gadget can instantly make any traditional electronic appliance into a smart appliance. You can use this at a party to power up a variety of electronic devices. For example- you can use this smart wifi plug to control various appliances like fans, lights, and other connected appliances like an electronic sound party box, etc. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with this smart wifi plug.

7. Smart Wifi Bulb

This device forms part of an IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem. You can use this E27 or E24 type Bulb to entertain your guests by controlling its color hue and even giving your home a disco-type ambiance. Some smart wifi bulbs also come with an inbuilt speaker to enable a fully party-like experience.

8. Projector Screens:

This is one of the grandest electronic appliances that you can get for a housewarming party, but do remember that you need a big enough room or preferably a big terrace to enjoy this fully. You can play music videos from the net or start an outdoor type film-watching festival, or other similar things. One thing is for sure, that people will simply love watching content on the big screen and hence your housewarming party will be a success.

Cool Tech Gifts 2022: 8 Best Electronic Home Appliances to Get for a Housewarming Party


More than electronic appliances, what impresses people at a housewarming party is your ability to care for their needs and your attention to detail. You see this is the first time you will interact with your local community and hence this is an opportunity for you to make friendly relations with them. So tender to their needs and make sure most of them are happily attending your housewarming party.

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