CoolEdge AC Reviews – Does CoolEdge Portable AC Really Work?

Summers can be tough, especially if your tight budget does not allow you to purchase an air conditioner. We can all agree that air conditioners are not the best purchase ever, due to the high cost of purchase and recurrent maintenance costs. However, an air-cooling device is a need of time. No one can sit in sweltering weather because it can leave you dehydrated and fatigued. Considering all of these reasons, a mini air cooler is now available in the market as ‘CoolEdge Air Cooler’ that not only cools the surroundings but also cleans the air at a minimal cost. Get The Best Portable AC of 2021 Here

CoolEdge AC Reviews:

What is CoolEdge AC?

CoolEdge AC is a modified form of all the air-cooling devices, making it ideal for summers. It is multi-functional and has multiple features, enabling it to act as an air purifier, air cooler, humidifier, and fan according to the need This product is available in two different colours along with remarkable specifications, adding beauty to your room. This device is meant to cool small spaces and rooms to make sure they stay aerated and maintain a reasonable temperature. The operating system of this device is simple, yet efficient and does not require hardcore machinery and complicated electronics. It uses water as a main source of energy and generates a cool breeze to keep you comfortable.

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How does CoolEdge AC work?

This device works by maintaining the circulation of air in a room. It takes in warm air, passes it through a tank containing cold water, and lets out cool air. The water in the tank has to be changed after every few hours to make sure it is icy cold. This is also known as evaporation or Hydro Cool technology. At the same time, this device filters off dust and allergens, keeping the environment free of microbes and preventing allergies and asthma triggers.

This device also has a fan that has an adjustable speed and can be used even in winters. As a humidifier, it adds moisture to the environment and prevents skin from drying.

Features of CoolEdge AC:

There are four basic features offered by this device:

  • Air-cooler: This device can be used as an air cooler. It aims to beat the heat by providing a humidified, gentle, and cool breeze that makes the surroundings comfortable. It should be kept in mind, however, that this product cannot replace centralized air conditioning systems and large air-cooling units as its benefits are limited to small spaces only.
  • Humidifier: A water curtain has been added to the device to make sure it releases mist to make the environment humid and reduce dryness that can be a cause of irritation of eyes, nose, and lead to cracked lips.
  • Air Purifier: As an air purifier, it works by trapping dust, allergens, and other small materials that can trigger allergies and cause irritation. This enhances the air quality and gives cleaner air.
  • Fan: With an adjustable 3-speed fan, it is up to you if you want to make the most of the speed or reduce it according to the temperature outside. It can be used in winters as well to keep the room ventilated.

Why does CoolEdge AC stand out?

  • Colors: Available in two attractive colors, white and dark green, this device can add to the beauty of your room or office.
  •  Portable: The most ideal feature that makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor events is that it is portable and can be carried around easily.
  • Compact: Available in a square shape, it does not occupy much space and kept be placed in any corner to cool the room.
  • Light-weight: Owing to low weight, it is easy to carry it in your car or anywhere else, making it ideal for picnics.
  • Quiet: This device is noise-proof. It works in total silence, letting its result make you aware of its presence.
  • Rechargeable: It can be charged through a power source and has batteries that last for a fairly long time, minimum 7-8 hours.
  • Minimal energy usage: Unlike most of the devices, it uses very little energy to get charged.
  • Cuts down electricity bills: Since the usage of energy is minimal, its impact is evident on electricity bills, as it cuts them down.
  • No installation and maintenance charges: This device does not require installation as it can be carried and placed anywhere and has no maintenance charges, cutting down the service costs.

Drawbacks of CoolEdge AC:

Watch out for the following cons while opting for this device:

  • Available Online only: This device is available exclusively on the official website and cannot be purchased from retail outlets and stores.
  • Limited stock: Since this product is in a lot of demand, it goes out of stock too quickly. To make sure you don’t miss it out, place an order right now!

Customer Reviews on CoolEdge AC:

A lot of people have purchased this device as a ‘test’ and have come back for more because of their delightful experience. Some of them claim that they have started sleeping better with the comfortable cool air and noise-free environment. Others claim that this is one of their ‘best purchases’ as they are highly satisfied with the product, the visible decline in electricity bills, and the minimal cost of purchasing and using this device.

Price and delivery of CoolEdge AC:

As compared to conventional air conditioners, this device literally costs nothing! It is super affordable and a one-time investment to help you enjoy comfortable surroundings.

  • One CoolEdge Air Cooler is available for $79.
  • Two CoolEdge Air Coolers cost $137, and one air cooler is being given for free.
  • On the purchase of three Cooledge Air Coolers, two air coolers are gifted as a bonus for free at a cost of $197.

Summary on CoolEdge AC Review:

To conclude, CoolEdge AC can be recommended to people looking for a low-budget solution to deal with summers. With multiple features and authentic customer reviews, this device is a steal! It helps cool down the surroundings, clears the air from dust, adds moisture to it, and allows you to adjust fan speeds.

With minimal energy usage and no maintenance charges, this product can be easily purchased at the price it is being offered, along with the free air coolers available in the package. Visit Official CoolEdge Portable AC Website

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