Crello Mobile App for Mobile / Android

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last decade, you know that updating your feeds is becoming more demanding design-wise even as we speak. To churn out a constant flow of instant Social Designs, especially if you utilize a lot of video marketing, you need a reliable soft at your fingertips. Today we’re looking at Crello mobile app for IOS, your go-to online design tool for graphics and video.

Your Pocket Designer

Us content workers are processing a lot of imaging and templates daily. One huge pain here is the amount of time that has to be spent near the keyboard for the routine work on fixing up daily posts for the content plan or stamping the same hashtag over and over on the contest entries. Crello is on a mission to help the web creators in simplifying their job. This app is an easy and logical tool with a good choice of professional templates and plenty of space for your own creativity, which ticks the marks for most of the top 2020 content categories.

Crello Mobile App for Mobile / Android

Instant Social Streamline

The key to mobile productivity is the ability to streamline your editing process for all channels. One way to do so is to skip the social media’s built-in editors and put your raw photos and videos right into the design app. Crello allows you to throw on all necessary layers, such as text blurbs and framing, in just a few taps, and share designs seamlessly right from the app.

Formats On-the-Go

The Formats selection screen is accessible through the intuitive square button on the bottom of the home screen. The menu here consists of four categories: Social media content, Covers & Headers, Blogging, and Animated designs. Each category includes specific options with pre-set sizes and designs, 22 distinguishable formats in total. You’ll be able to whip up pro-looking Instagram Video Stories and pin-friendly covers wherever you are.

Robust Stock

In Crello’s stocks (fully available for the first 2 months of a free trial scheme) there are 20,000+ readymade templates and 500,000+ design elements and images. This vast choice of readymade designs is targeted on professional online bloggers, marketing and social media managers. Now you can easily manage to create various types of content for multiple brands within just one app.

Great for Semi-pro Use

Crello app gives you a great value-for-money, considering the animation editor, templates database and an open credit for the monthly batch of free stock photos from Depositphotos. It makes it very helpful for the smaller entrepreneurs or content makers, who already have to manage a decent daily content flow, but do not see it fit to invest in pricey pro editors like Shutterstock so far.