Cut Your Cord, Save Money and Much More!


Long Before I was writing for a living, I would unearth the opportunities to dig deep into media business updates. When cord-cutting took the stage, I was very much skeptical about the crumbling media culture has gone to.

Cut Your Cord, Save Money and Much More!

Oprah’s Show will shift on to something like Hulu and Netflix now?  

Somehow I could NOT chew back on my conventional perspective of a TV Box and classics!

Until one day I headed over to my friend home for this new device he wanted to explore with me! Strangely he had no long cable protruding out of his TV box. Upon asking he started telling me about how frustrated he was with his pay TV service and something else has replaced it. To my luck I paid no heed, I was there for the game!

Next thing I know; my best friend was handing me a manual of jailbreaking some stick! On Further inquisition I got to know he was jailbreaking Firestick, the hype of saving you ample money by accessing you almost all of the apps in the world, on a tiny little device.

Hmm is it the same cord cutting compromise I’ve been hearing about a lot?

But how does it save money?

Curiosity stuck the best out of me and before I knew I was behind the screen raving about cable TV alternatives to cord cutting experience too.

Here is how it works! Through Amazon Firestick you get to have almost every category app on your device without paying for its premium services. I am talking about endless movies and TV shows you get to watch on your Firestick.

I see you agreeing why cutting the cord is a sensible choice now.

So here is why everyone is cutting the cord and yes it is definitely more than the donut savings!

In a recent research analysis 62% of US citizens were unsatisfied with their pay TV services. Also in over past 10 years, pay TV subscriptions have significantly decreased by 20%. Given how an average American loves his TV box, this data is a huge disappointment.

The Hidden fees are another experience which makes pay TV services the medusa of entertainment industry. Bills, Internet fees, additional subscriptions, all of these are hidden cleverly under your monthly bill note.

I hear the snipping already!

There is more.

The High Consumer pitch protocol poured online is unparalleled to pay TV subscriptions. I mean as a consumer I found cable TV Hulu and Netflix featuring Oscar specials more rewarding than going for an ad- (A lot of) supported TV show.

You get to watch better content on your demand without commercials interfering your streaming.

Apart from the rude intrusions, there is Video on Demand with online streaming. While some pay TV services allow Catch up option, it is certainly not as good as exclusive Video on Demand option. Live HD streaming is an additional death stab for pay TV services.

Another important point of consideration is the heavy investment streaming market is willing to invest into Netflix, Sling and Hulu. Surprisingly you can see their advertising done on

Fun Fact: Last year streaming market invested in the service which won most of the Emmy nominations.

Clearly Online streaming is setting a pedestal for the mainstream media.

In another interesting Roku research, it turned out that 58% of cord cutters were much more experimental in their streaming choices than an average TV viewer.

This may not be very convincing at the start, but streaming sports is much better on an online service than your conventional TV box. Since 2000, the average sports viewers have increased by three folds.

Needless to say all the major media tycoons, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have purchased TV rights to air Live games. Who is to say that online streaming services aren’t the next in line?  Rather rumor has it that, Amazon is bidding for NBA and Fox Sports Networks in 2025.

And yes! It is about that donut savings too!

In a recent guide, LendEU pointed out that an annual media showed $1380 worth saving! That is almost $115.33 a month. With a conventional cable network an average American is spending over $64.4 a month!

Ask yourself if you are really willing to invest this much for an underdog of an entertainment.

So what is the takeaway here?

Of all the considerations at debate, sticking with cord cutting is definitely a better option, given how pricing remains a dominant factor. However, despite the cord cutting hype, the big players of satellites and cables are still yet to experience a death sentence.


Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.