Cyber Hygiene: Username Hacks You should Know

For many internet users, creating a username is very easy, as it only takes seconds to create one. But how unique is your username? Your username says a lot about you. However, it should not give away much information that unscrupulous people can use to hack into your account. Here are some tips for when creating a user name.

Come up with a prospective username.

Your username conveys a whole lot of information about you. While creating a username, be sure about what you want to convey to the online community. For example, a username such as “caffeinatedpenfriend”  sounds funny and silly.

Cyber Hygiene

Single-use only

Having the same username for all your accounts is dangerous. It is crucial to create a new user name each time you create a new account. This is to prevent a “cascade effect” whereby a hacker uses information gained by one of your accounts to access the others.

For the latest cybersecurity, you can utilize a password manager to create a unique username. A password manager creates randomized usernames and the stores the passwords for you in a secure vault.

At the very least, if you want few usernames, have a different username for each category like one for banking, another for gaming, another for social media, and so forth.

Use your full name for professional contexts only.

While using your full name plus your profession ( ‘Johndoeattorney’ )is cool, it can expose you to cyber attacks.

With digital information documentation nowadays, a cyber hacker can only attack your credentials by knowing your full name. To avoid this, only use your full name as a username for professional purposes and if it is mandatory.

Do not use your email address as a username elsewhere.

While the email address sounds like an available username every time you have a task of creating a username, it is not advisable to use it with other accounts such as gaming accounts. Please keep your email username as unique as possible. It helps keep hackers at bay.

Try a username generator.

Username generators such as jimpix are websites that let you enter your traits and words to come up with a unique username. With most username generators, you answer questions about yourself to generate username options. The web gives you back the options, and you choose one from the results then review the username’s availability. If it is available, then you can go ahead and use it.

Why does a username matter?

You can use a username to build an entire profile about you. This information can be useful in different ways, right from reasonable efforts such as marketing to even malicious attempts like cyber attacks.

While tech gurus are smart, cybercriminals are even more intelligent. Using the information on your username, they can capture a lot of data about you from the accounts you have to your browser history. This data often leads them to your social networking accounts, which contain information about you, which could give them clues about your passwords leading to a cyber attack.

In the same way, marketers can use tracking software on a username to know what sites you buy from and visit; it is the same way hackers can get clues about your passwords.

The bottom line

Cyber hackers come up with new ways of hacking accounts every day. It is, therefore, vital to be vigilant when creating a username. You don’t want to browse through the internet while scattering bits and bits of your personal information that hackers could use to attack you.