CZUR TECH CO., LTD (CZUR) is a famous service from China for smart book scanner. The service launched its newest campaign two days ago. This is a campaign to introduce the CZUR ET24Pro, a Professional Book Scanner that many refer to as “Unmatched”.

CZUR ET24 Pro Book Scanner has been launched in March 29!

In the last 2 years, the demand for professional book scanners has grown rapidly, along with the increasing need for Work from Home. CZUR fills this gap with its various scanner products. But in this article, we will talk about the CZUR ET24Pro, its newest scanner.

When a company enters the virtual world, it is closer to achieving a better position in matters related to the automation of activities and the optimization of processes related entirely to information management. One of the most effective forms of document management is the digitization of documents. Such digitization is essential in fast modern workflows.

The arrival, strengthening and massification of the internet has contributed to the advancement and development of the way in which we see, inform ourselves and interact with the world; In this way, several tasks and duties that were previously performed manually have evolved to be fully developed through virtual platforms. An example of this is the management of information received and produced by companies, which is the focus of the process known as document digitization that, as we have mentioned in previous articles, allows the migration of physical information to a binary code.

After all, information is the fundamental basis of each business and organizational activity, so looking for methods to safeguard it in the best way not only allows workers and users to control what is produced but also helps them maintain high-security standards. The foregoing thanks to one of the activities of document management: digitizing documents.

Digitizing documents allows people to maintain an optimized and regulated system in order to improve information storage, custody and processing capabilities. To this is coined the idea of ​​easy access to the data contained in servers, which speeds up the company’s own tasks. These goals are in line with CZUR’s mission to provide society with its different scanner series that can significantly facilitate the transformation of knowledge. CZUR makes user-friendly products and improves the efficiency of work and life.


The CZUR ET24Pro is exactly what most business owners, researchers and students need. This scanner ensures that every user is able to scan books very well at high resolution (320 DPI). This high resolution can be achieved thanks to its 24-megapixel HD CMOS sensor.

What’s great about this book scanner is that it has a patented curve-flattening technology. This algorithm is combined with AI technology to produce flawless scans. There’s no need to unbind and destruct books, turning 2 curved facing pages into 2 separate pages automatically.

This scanner is very fast as it can scan a single page in just 1 second. Are you using Mac OS? Don’t worry because this new scanner is compatible with Mac OS 10/11 and later versions. CZUR ET24Pro is also compatible with Windows, supports Windows XP/7/8/10/11. Not using both? Don’t worry because this book scanner also supports Linux systems. Not many modern scanners are compatible with all three operating systems and the CZUR ET24 Pro is one of the few.

Want to scan a glossy surface? Don’t worry because you can use the sidelight which works to soften reflections when it comes to scanning glossy surfaces. As we all know, scanning glossy surfaces often result in blurry scans.

The CZUR ET24Pro scanner can also recognize 186 more languages ​​thanks to its embedded OCR technology. You can also easily digitize each page of your book into an editable digital file. For information, the supported files are Word, PDF, and Excel. The three file formats are the three most widely used file formats in office work.

Smart presentation (Visual Presenter)

Want to make a smart presentation using CZUR ET24 Pro? Don’t worry because you can do that. You can connect this smart scanner with Zoom and other streaming tools. You can record the showing process and send it to others later by software with a file transfer function.

How to operate it?

It’s quite easy because you can use thefoot pedal provided by CZUR. You can also use the hand button if that makes you more comfortable. Actually, there are 5 scanning methods; foot pedal, hand button, auto-scan, software button, and scan button of the scanner. You can choose the one you think is best. The options provided by CZUR are more than those provided by other modern book scanners.

About CZUR

CZUR is committed to smart office products and has various product lines. The high quality and cutting-edge technology have made CZUR win many awards and become the top seller in the book scanner category on Amazon and Yahoo Shop. Its products have been sold to 110+ countries. They are all worth trying scanners.

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