Impressions matter, habits are hard to break, and a good sitting posture is underrated. As hard as we may want to deny, we all profile each other many people judge you on your habits, posture, and everything that makes you that unique person. If you have been worried about your posture or everyone has been making subtle remarks about your posture and how you can appear better, then maybe this is the brand for you.

CZUR Releases the Mirror

What do you need to know about the CZUR brand and “The Mirror”?

With a long-standing commitment to providing quality over time, the CZUR brand understands what it means to provide folks with the best products with excellent ergonomics (Convenience). Life can be demanding, and to cater to these responsibilities, long hours are spent sedentarily, and as expected, the body posture suffers for it.

CZUR has designed “The Mirror” to expertly detect wrong postures and notify users of the best ways to correct them. In a fast-paced world, it is only right to latch on to technology and the latest innovations that have been designed to make our lives better.

The CZUR brand is bent on making grandstanding innovations and smart office products aimed at making corporate life easier. The main products of CZUR, smart book scanners have continued to make waves in over a hundred (100) countries.

Why do you need a posture corrector?

Formed habits are hard to change; this is the same with incorrect postures. They are so difficult to correct; Irrespective of the different life stages we might be in, everyone; Children and adults are fast becoming prone to the sedentary lifestyle. This is by long hours at work, studying, and even playing games.

Incorrect postures have been implicated in the increased susceptibility to diseases leading to pain and damaging the body in the long run. Prevention is better than sacrifice; this brand aims to improve the detection of incorrect postures, either at home or in the office. Making folks make better health choices in the long run.

Challenging the Status-Quo

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of the novel covid-19 virus, a growth of over 5% is projected in the posture corrector market. Many are becoming sedentary with their lifestyle and spending long hours at their desk. Remote jobs are on the rise, causing a lot of posture-related problems such as muscle tension and extreme discomfort.

The rise in the number of back pain cases is one of the sole reasons for the market’s growth. There is also increased awareness about posture deformities, and the benefits of the right posture amongst children and the elderly positively influence the market. When one takes a closer look at most of the products in the market, they can correct your posture, but these effects are only temporary.

If they are worn for a long time, there is the possibility of your body relying on them, leading to muscle weakness in the long run. A good posture corrector is meant to hold up your muscles and gently remind you when you slouch, and you currently have a bad posture.

With the latest innovation on posture correctors, the CZUR brand dares to make a radical change and innovation that positively affects the health of its users. “The Mirror” is a kind of equipment that aims to help people form good habits by forming good muscle memory. It uses visual AI technology to improve the recognition of bad postures and automatically carries out a sitting posture 3D modelling.

Unlike some other posture correctors, “The Mirror” does not remind you in real-time. Instead, it only reminds you when you have been in a bad posture for a long time. It is also more comprehensive as it outlines different types of sitting postures. There is also a time set for a sedentary reminder. Just if you have been in a particular position for a long time, you are a reminder to change position and maybe flex out a bit.

Data visualization reports are provided as part of the features you get, and in this way, you are reminded when you have maintained a good posture for some time, and you also get to check the bad posture you have improved upon.

The importance of a Corrector

Most bad postures are formed as a result of a lack of awareness. This lack of awareness happens when you are lost in study or work, and over time they become a core part of your existence. The CZUR brand has designed a comprehensive device that would do a good job at reminding its users of the need to maintain good postures.

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