A healthy lifestyle keeps you fit, full of energy, and reduces the risk of illness. Healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep are the fundamentals of good health. Coping with stress positively without affecting physical health is a challenge, rather than smoking or consuming alcohol, reduces the body’s hormonal level. To maintain health, the technology in the 21st century brings with Welltory’s best blood pressure app (best HRV equipment), that also helps you to check various parameters of your health and maintain it accordingly. These parameters include blood pressure, heart rate variability and stress (stress charts) and much more. Let’s get back to the things that keep your lifestyle healthy.

Definition Of A Healthy Lifestyle & Maintaining Physically


The diet should mainly contain whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Your cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal, immunity, and several systems of the human body depend on a continuous nutrients’ supply to promote metabolism system and cell growth. In order to get the vital forms of carbohydrates, protein, minerals vitamins, and fats, it is recommended to have a balanced and you need to have a diverse variety of diets. However, your diet must include sufficient whole grains, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy items, and food products. Better to eat lean meats like Turkey and Chicken, and healthy nut and eggs. Consume in the limit when having to manage your body weight and your risk of heart issues, blood pressure and various diseases using a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activities

If not all of the calories in the diet are used up, you gain weight. However, extra weight with respect to your height may lead to various risks, such as type 2 diabetes, heart failure, blood pressure, and cancer; you can use the apple blood pressure app for a heart rate monitor. It is essential that your lifestyle must support a consistent, healthy weight, so stay active every day. Muscle-strengthening physical movements, actions, and exercises, such as weight lifting, are ideal together with aerobic exercises such as running or walking. Guidelines suggest working towards 15 hours of exercise per week, but adults who are particularly inactive should gradually construct this up under their doctor’s supervision. It is also advisable to include exercises like yoga since it helps in improving the body’s flexibility.


The daily metabolism includes the breakdown and transformation of cell tissue. The body’s self or auto repair takes place during sleep. Memory consolidation and appetite regulation also take place during this period of declined or less physical activity. Six to eight and a half hours of sleep are part of a human healthy lifestyle.

Reduce stress

Your body reacts to continuous stress by releasing hormones. If you don’t relieve this condition through meditation and relaxation, the effects build up and can cause muscle aches, headaches, insomnia, and other symptoms; you must go for stress measure. A lifestyle that has a tendency to cope with stress can easily avoid blood pressure, stress, health issues, and other symptoms.

Weight Loss Gastric Balloons Cause 12 Deaths

Five more deaths are linked to weight loss gastric balloons, bringing the total number of balloon-related deaths to 12 since their approval in 2019.

It is the 3rd time that health officials have issued warnings against these products.

Four out of five recently reported deaths were from a special model. Of the twelve deaths, seven of them were US patients. Gastric perforation, where a hole in the stomach wall, small intestine, or colon, was reported in four of these deaths. The gastric perforation occurred between one day and three and a half weeks of placement of the balloon. Still, the procedure might contain a recognized risk.

Answers from the Manufacturers

Both affected manufacturers stated that they were working with the authorities. Patient safety was their top priority. They welcome the major changes in labeling. They further shared that approximately 296,000 balloons are used globally and the global death rate is below 0.01%.

Several patients with this specific procedure not only have obesity but also conditions, such as cholesterol or high blood pressure, which can also affect their health. You should know what is heart rate variability that gives you insights of your physical health using Welltory app, and ultimately, you can control it.

Further Serious Complications Are Possible

Along with the reported deaths related to the balloon equipment and devices, health officials have received several other complaints the whole year.

For instance, a few patients reported bluish-green urine. Bluish-green urine can be a symptom of balloon deflation. This was a risk that FDA knew and that will appear on the product label.

Other possible complications that are known may include pancreatitis, pancreas inflammation can occur in case the balloon hurts it and balloon deflation, which can lead to a blockage of the bowel. The gastric balloon can also migrate in the stomach cavity.

Options & Advice

The gastric balloons do not require any incisions. A doctor passes a gastroscope via the patient’s mouth opening for placing the filled balloon using the solution of sterile saline. Then it inflates and takes up the abdomen. The patient is asked to follow a diet and exercise program and the balloon is removed after 6 months.

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