Did Apple Make A Mistake Removing The Headphone Jack From Their Latest iPhones?


Innovation has always been one of Apple’s strongest suits. They did away with the floppy, Firewire and optical drives and brought in newer ways to store, connect and access files and digital content. Fast forward to today, and the same thing happens when they decide to remove USB ports on their MacBooks and recently, the headphone jack.

Did Apple Make A Mistake Removing The Headphone Jack From Their Latest iPhones?

Lack of a headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and future devices left those who used headphones and aux cables as part of their everyday lives suddenly inconvenienced. In a way, this move forced people to go wireless and get bluetooth headphones and speakers (if you haven’t yet).

The headphone jack was removed in an unprecedented move with the iPhone 7. The company decided to continue the trend with the iPhone 8, XS Max, XR and the newest iPhone X.

The simplicity of plugging an aux cable for speakers becomes an exercise of turning on your devices’ Bluetooth connectivity, finding the audio system and waiting for both to sync up. Sure, there may not be any wires involved, but some people actually like things straightforward and old-fashioned.

What the iPhone 7 did include though, was an adapter that plugs in the lightning port so you could use the old 3.5mm dongle with a headset or the best aux cable for cars.

It was a swan song when Apple finally stopped support and production of the older iPhone models, which had the 3.5mm jacks. The reason? Apple could have probably tired of old technology and wanted to be the first to adapt to newer ones.

While a lot of tech experts, companies and consumers may have thought of the omission a mistake, it also served as an open window that allows for better phone components, including a heftier battery, higher resolution screens and other wireless means. The future can only be brighter.


Lucy Bennett

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