Difference Between the Amazon Echo Spot and the Echo Show: Which Should You Purchase?

Being the innovative company that Amazon is, it is only natural that they would produce such cutting edge technology to rival that of their competitors. Never the less as one form of technology supersedes another, or harbours newer features it is often difficult to decide which one to purchase to match your own needs. To make that job a little bit easier a summary and comparison of both products has been researched for you.

The Amazon Echo Spot

In essence this is a glorified smart speaker, but its interface allows for much more opportunity than just that of a normal smart speaker. The circular speaker is considered one the most, or only, aesthetically pleasing speaker product within the Amazon speaker family and comes in either a black or white colour.

Difference Between the Amazon Echo Spot and the Echo Show: Which Should You Purchase?

What can the Amazon Echo Spot Do?

This product, like all Amazon echo products, operates with the handy helper Alexa, this is the products activation word, upon saying this the speaker comes to life and streams your request to help find an answer to your problem. The user can ask Alexa almost anything; it will say back its responses within a few seconds.

It can be used as an alarm clock, this is the products default setting too, making the interactive interface very useful even when it is not in full use. Its small size allows the product to be easily placed in any household, this alongside its touchscreen and button interface makes the spot easy to situate and navigate. 

As it has a built-in microphone and camera off button personal privacy is at the forefront of its design, aiming to make users feel safer. The product also offers users the opportunity to both watch videos and listen to audio on its compact screen, making it a brilliant multi-functional addition to any home.

The Amazon Echo Show

The Echo Show is for the customer that likes to entertain and enjoys watching videos as a priority. This product has a brilliant speaker system, a great screen for watching movies and TV Shows with the ability to easily browse the internet making it multi-functional and great for any possible need with the size that makes it movable.

What can the Amazon Echo Show do?

As previously stated, there are many possibilities for the products capabilities, it really is dependent on the needs of its owner. It is capable of streaming and viewing movies, entertaining guests with music or movies, it can be used to read book from, or in the kitchen to read recipes.

As it has a large screen the possibilities are endless and the product works as more of a tablet, allowing its users the ability to browse the web and move from application to application with ease.

This product comes in either a black or white colour and has both a touch screen and buttons on the side of the product to navigate with. It is big, but no heavy and so this allows for easy transportation to any area or on trips away.

Which one should I buy?

Amazon echo show or spot, both products have been explained, there is really not that much difference between them. The main difference is in the shared features individual capabilities.

The Amazon Echo Show is the more technology forward of the two, with a better screen, camera and audio capabilities than the Spot. However, this is to be expected considering its smaller size and still brilliant ability to tap into all of these features. It is a tough decision to truly decide which product is the best to purchase, as it depends on the user’s individual needs.

The Spot is a great purchase to any buyer that wants to save a few pounds, as it is the cheaper option but would still like access to the abilities of the Amazon product catalogue. The spot is also smaller and less evasive in the eyes of a customer with not as much space at home or someone that doesn’t like clutter. This product works as a brilliant alarm clock, meaning that in-turn it can become a bedroom’s sound system and so much more which is very appealing to most customers. This product will definitely appeal to a younger demographic because of these key reasons. 

Final Judgement

The Show is better for those who really want to use the product for reading, watching and entertaining. It is great for anyone that regularly hosts dinner parties, allowing them to have both a place for background music and a way to read recipes straight from the internet when cooking up anything. Due to its larger size, it is easier to read and use the touchscreen capabilities as opposed to the other product option.

Nevertheless, this comes at a higher price and this could be a massive deterrent to the more money conscious buyer, although for the market average it is reasonably priced. This product is aimed to a more settled, older generation, allowing for ease of use and availability to a variety of applications with a broader demographical interest.