With the advent of technology and the internet era, content creation and promotion have been made way more comfortable than before. Consequently, with easily available options to select from, content recreation without proper acknowledgements or “content-stealing” has been on the rise too, even with stringent copyright laws in place. A digital watermark comes in handy in such cases. It is either a physical or digital design inserted/embedded in an original production of art (a short video, photographs, portraits) seeing which viewers identify the artist/creator. Here are a few applications of watermarking techniques that can be beneficial to all who want to keep their original contents safe from the first copies.

Different Applications of Watermarking Techniques

Creator identification

We know password protecting our primary documents is essential. Why not do that for our original creations? The watermark is “password protecting” whatever content or image you upload/sell online, and a must in the age of frauds. A digital watermark can be easily inserted into any piece of digital work, and it helps save your content from being copied. Your watermark will be recognised by all compatible devices and can even lead potential viewers/customers on to further links with your website/blog pages. This helps trace the original source of the contents for both your customers/viewers and you.

Document/image security

Even if you are selling your portraits or photographs, you should not lose your copyright protection over them. Physically, you can sign over the documents. But selling them online makes keeping the copyright protection even more difficult. There are many watermarking apps like Watermarkly that can effortlessly add digital watermarks to your products. The watermark logos are furthermore of a transparent background and do not ruin the document/image in any way. Many who work on their mobile phones can also access the benefits of this app since it is available both in Google Play as well as a “web” app. This way, you do not lose your creation, and in fact, earn financial security out of it.

Meddling alerts

A digital watermark can let you know if your work has been meddled with. This gives you added security since the majority of online “anonymous” frauds are untraceable. While ensuring the document stays safe, you can also detect the sources/sites the meddles are coming from. You can protect your work by having only authorised viewers: those who are not authorised and have access to your work shall not be able to open it at all.

Additional information

Many times, the digital watermark can work as some kind of a QR/barcode scanner that lets the viewer/customer read supplementary details about your work that you want to make them remember. You can add in information like the title and price of the product, and/or a general description. This technique also eases the buying and selling process.

Personalising content

A digital watermark can help you maintain a track record of the content most/least viewed or bought by the customers. This way, you can ensure what kinds of content each human being wants and draft their custom timeline with your selected works. This can trigger them to buy more/increase your views and likes.

Deleting/adding content

Similarly, like personalising content, the digital watermark helps adding as well deleting content. You can easily block a fake document or content that was uploaded to your site, you can also delete a content that you feel deters your workflow since your reach could be low just because someone saw a slightly off product instead of a thousand great ones. This is especially required in cases of heavy content creation like films or music albums where people do not scroll over thousand images to choose from. Many people who face problems while working with heavy content in their phones and want to shift to their Macs or PCs, but cannot find suitable apps. However, there are many apps like Visual Watermark that are easily accessible for both PCs and Macs. (This is suitable even for both iOS and Android; but usually heavy content editing and watermarking is better dealt with in big screens.) With these apps, you can easily add your digital watermark and proceed with works.

Counting your audience

Competition has increased manifold in the online age. Short term shockers and attractions, witty content, playfully bright videos and short captions are in the market. Consequently, audience preference also changes. Your watermark can help you keep up with your audience/customer count and how much of what products they like from your works. This way you can always provide for what they desire out of your creations and increase your business/productions.

The above mentioned pointers can help you understand why a digital watermark is vital in protecting your hard work.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.