The current era of the health and fitness industry has witnessed the advent of technological gadgets and devices. They have contributed a lot to improving the overall exercising experience of individuals around the globe. Talking specifically about wearable fitness technology, it is something that has seen considerable innovations in the last few years.

Different Types of Wearable Technology to Track Spinning

You can easily see the use of modern wearable devices in physical activities like walking, running, or spinning. They not only allow you to track your workouts but also provide you with the data on which you can design your workout program.

In this post, we will be throwing light on the different types of wearable technology that allow you to track spinning. So whether you intend to lose those extra pounds or are willing to enhance your cardiovascular endurance, the use of those fitness tracking devices while you exercise on your spin bike will provide you with an experience like no other.

Different Types of Wearable Technology to Track Spinning

Spinning is a great exercise that works on improving your cardiovascular health on one hand and targets fat loss on the other hand. When it comes to fitness tracking devices that you can wear while working out on your exercise bike, there are various options available for you. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:-

Smart Watches

Smart watches are fitness tracking devices that don’t need any introduction. If you wear a smart watch while working out on your Peloton, it would allow you to get a thorough idea of your workout. It tracks your heart rate, time, GPS location as well as the overall distance that you have covered. If you are someone who likes to track spinning progress, a smart watch will cater to your requirements pretty well.

A smartwatch also allows you to work on your overall well-being. Most smart watches give you access to numerous fitness-oriented apps that provide you valuable information on dieting, mental health, and various health conditions (low/high blood pressure, diabetes) as well. If you are just getting started with spinning, a smart watch could be the most basic fitness tracker for you.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is a wearable tech that is gaining massive popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts. It gives you a comprehensive idea about how your body is responding while working out. It provides you with information about your heart rate and various other metrics.

When it comes to Peloton bikes, you wouldn’t find a heart rate monitor that comes with them. But there are a plethora of heart rate monitors that are compatible with Peloton bikes. If your heart rate monitor has ANT Plus technology, connecting it with your Peloton bike would be a cakewalk for you. Heart rate monitors are best suited to track your workout intensity.


An exoskeleton is a power-driven machine that has a combination of numerous technologies. It has levers, hydraulics, pneumatic, electric motors, and haptics. All this allows your limbs to move with greater speed, strength, and endurance. Owing to all these factors, an exoskeleton can be a great addition to your indoor cycling regime.

An exoskeleton is one such wearable tech that can drastically improve your cycling endurance. Using an exoskeleton allows you to train for longer hours without subjecting your muscles to excessive generation.


Hearables are headphone-like fitness trackers that you can put in your ears and continue with your indoor cycling sessions. Hearables not only serve as an ideal fitness tracker but also offer a pretty long battery life.

Training on your spin bike becomes more comprehensive with a pair of hearables. It provides you information regarding your heart rate, calories burned, speed, and even your blood oxygen levels. Most of the hearables that you will find in the present times are also capable of sending verbal feedback regarding your spinning session. Modern hearables allow you to have a complete idea of your body vitals and performance with just the click of a button.

Smart Shoes

Smart shoes have not only revolutionized the world of fitness but have also brought innovation to the footwear industry. They can easily be connected to a Bluetooth device and can avail you of personalized coaching in real-time through a smartphone app.

Smart shoes measure your athletic performance along with providing you with a comfortable training experience. If cycling is the most prominent part of your workout session, wearing smart shoes can make those sessions more comfortable for your feet.

Smart shoes could be a great choice for you if you train on a Peloton bike. They perfectly fit the Peloton paddles. Apart from fetching you comprehensive feedback related to your overall health and fitness levels, posture, fatigue, and calories burned, smart shoes also provide data that you can use to improve your health on one hand and prevent injury on the other hand.

Final Thoughts

So this brings us to the end of this post. We expect that by now you would have figured out which wearable technology you need to invest in. We can assure you that the above-mentioned fitness accessories will provide you with a rewarding cycling experience.

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