So, you signed up for a crypto exchange and added your credit card information which was too hesitant because you don’t trust the exchange. There are three different outcomes of your action that can happen. One you get crypto in exchange for fiat money, second you get an error saying that the transaction can’t be processed and thirdly you get charged multiple times for the same transaction until you get your credit card blocked. These are the problems of the modern world: we can’t trust the unregulated crypto exchanges and the banks are not crypto friendly so we hit a roadblock in every direction.

Digital life Bank Adds new Deposit Method to its Line-Up

However, banks like Digital Life Bank have been a saving grace for people like us, who value security as well as investing in crypto. The bank has made crypto investing easier and secure for everyone, bringing inclusivity to the crypto world on a scale that has never been seen before. Digital Life Bank for the past few years has been adding more and more services and creating an ecosystem that works for everyone. In their pursuit they have built a new system that can’t be rivaled by any system. They have added multiple deposit methods for their digital bank in the traditional sector as well as in theri crypto trading accounts as well.

Now you can directly deposit crypto in your Digital Life crypto accounts which are now connected to the ERC-20 and BSC blockchain. This allows you to deposit your crypto directly into your account. Moreover, the bank also gives you the option to buy crypto directly from the bank in exchange for fiat, you can essentially use your digital account to buy crypto for your crypto account that too instantaneously. The other deposit methods also include cash deposit in your bank branch in favor of the Digital Life Bank and you get your money into the crypto account where you can convert it fair and square.

However, the newest method for depositing is the credit card/ debit card service that has been created specially taking the safety concerns in mind. The deposit method brings together the digital bank with the crypto trading account, the money you spend to buy crypto first goes into your digital bank account making sure that everything remains safe and secure and then the money is converted into crypto. As soon as the money enters the digital bank you are insured for safety, because if anything wrong happens from here the bank takes the liability so you remain safe thus it is one of the best ways to buy crypto online. This saves you from all kinds of troubles you might find buying crypto from anywhere else.

This creates not only a safe haven for you to invest in but also makes investing lucrative for all kinds of investors. People who have cash can invest through cash, people who are wary of investing through credit cards can all see options that suit them through this.

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