If you’re here, chances are that you have been practicing digital marketing for years and are looking for some new strategies to optimize your game. Or, you could be someone who has just started out and needs some direction.

Next 6 Things You Should Do For Digital Marketing Success

In all cases, we’re going to discuss the next 6 digital marketing tips/strategies that you must start using to better your chances. These are simple yet extremely effective tactics that one must take full advantage of.

Without wasting too much time, let’s get onto this and discuss the 6 simple strategies for your digital marketing success in 2022.

#1 Go Ham on Interlinking

The first idea is related to SEO because it is still one of the most important wings under digital marketing. As the title reads, go ham on interlinking. It is something so simple yet effective. Interlinking your bank of web pages within each other helps you better the rankings of all your pages.

At the same time , it also helps a user navigate on your website to the relevant pages which increases their session duration. This sends a signal to Google that your website is useful. It can better your overall ranking and credibility. Also, using the correct anchor texts while interlinking strengthens the relevancy of your pages for Google.

For example, if you’re interlinking a blog which is based on top 10 vacation destinations, hyperlink this blog on the anchor text which is close to “vacation destinations” instead of using words like “Click here”.

#2 Focus on Remarketing to The Right People

We’re certain you’ve been using remarketing ads by now. For the unversed, here’s a one-liner explanation. Remarketing ads are those ads which are targeted to your previous customers or website visitors based on the assumption that they’re interested in your offerings.

Now, remarketing is done to save costs on acquiring consumers because this audience is already interested and hence needs lesser persuasion. But, remarketing audiences cannot be grouped into one. Your focus in 2022 should be to segment all your remarketing audiences into smaller groups. Identify the intent of each group and remarket to them accordingly.

It is not necessary to remarket to all of them. You can skip out on a few. Also, try to customize your remarketing copies for each group to best appeal to them. Hence, 2021 was more about remarketing but 2022 is all about remarketing to the right people.

#3 Customize Chatbots for Web Pages

Chatbots were one of the buzzing trends of digital marketing in 2021 and as per future projections, they’re going to dominate the market in 2022. If you have already adopted a chatbot on your website, here’s how you should be making it better. (And if you haven’t adopted, treat this as your sign to get a chatbot integrated today.)

You might have heard of customizing your chatbot copies to make it look and feel more natural. But that’s old now. This year, you will also have to focus on creating completely different chatbot journeys for all your web pages. Using 1 single chatbot which caters to all different users is a thing of the past. You must now identify the intent and use of each web page and accordingly build journeys.

Give a user what he would like to know when he’s on a particular page. Give information only related to that page. This helps you personalize their experience while also creating an incentive for them to give their details to you in exchange for information.

This solves your problem of catering to the right people with right messages and also increases your lead generation.

#4 Revamp Old Content

For all the blogging efforts that you’re making, you could be ranking well today but it’s not always going to work in your favor. Content that is relevant today, will become irrelevant 6-11 months down the road.

The key is to revamp your content once/twice a year, whatever suits your bandwidth. Revamping doesn’t necessarily mean writing from scratch or making 80% changes. It’s about your updating your content with newer facts, removing something that isn’t true anymore, adding recent trends, etc.

In short, it’s about making your content relevant to the current times while adding some new information. That’s how users will trust your content and spend more time over there which is an indication to Google about the usefulness of your website.

#5 Automate Your Outreach Process Completely

Calling out all the SEOs again who are tirelessly carrying out the entire outreach process manually. A quick intro for those who don’t know what outreach means. It is the process of finding relevant third-party websites, finding their authors or POCs, discussing the collaboration details for a backlink, etc.

The task is extremely important but time consuming. This can now be automated using only ONE tool. There are plenty of tools available in the market which allow you to find such domains, get the contact information of the correct POCs, set up an email campaign to outreach them along with multiple follow up messages. You only need to invest a day probably in setting it up and your outreach activity for the month is sorted.

#6 Conversion Rate Optimization

Lastly, the next thing that every digital marketer should focus on is CRO, ie, Conversion Rate Optimization. Normally when a person would want to increase their ROI, they’d increase their pool of audiences or budgets.

CRO is about increasing your converts/ROI in the existing budgets and audiences by using smart techniques or making really small yet effective changes. It is about increasing the number of leads and conversions from the current audience by making their experience better or incentivizing their journey. An example of this could be bargaining chatbots. To learn more CRO techniques which have been used by top agencies and brands of India, enroll for this online CRO course right here.

To Summarize,

Digital marketing is a fast evolving field which means you must update your strategies constantly. It may seem daunting but this only goes ahead to challenging yourself each year and maximizing your potential. 

Do check out our previous article on the most common digital marketing mistakes that you should avoid. Let us know your views in the comments section below.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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