Digital PR Outreach is a crucial component of online marketing these days. Its process involves promoting (pitching) your brand to journalists, bloggers, and people with influence in your market niche to get more exposure, press coverage, and brand mentions. In brief, it’s all about creating a positive impression of your brand.

Digital PR

Starting a digital PR campaign, however, is no picnic. More often than not, businesses will strive hard to improve their brand awareness and online presence. The good thing is, these online obstacles can lead your brand to something better. If done properly, here are five ways of how digital PR benefits your business brand.

Improves Rankings

Digital PR helps your site in securing backlinks at scale. Google is designed as a hypertextual search engine. Each backlink plays a very crucial role in how a site appears on every search engine result page.

What pushes your ranking up more efficiently is getting links to your website and publishing your content on high-authority websites. The rule of thumb is that the more relevant the links are, the better your site’s ranking.

Boosts Site Traffic

The main premise of a PR outreach is to establish editorial coverage for your brand online. But, it can do more than that. It can also increase referrals, drive more readings and views from potential customers, and promote your company on social media. All of these help your website’s traffic to grow.

Moreover, when your brand is frequently mentioned in several sites, your SEO ranking and brand awareness are improved. As a result, more people will be visiting your site. More importantly, as your site’s traffic gradually increases, more leads or sales are generated. 

Generate Leads and Sales

Since it’s given that you’re expecting an ROI from your digital marketing investments, digital PR agencies worth their salt prioritize in making leads and sales for your business. Their goal is to convert all the viewers of your site to be paying customers.

This is how the process usually goes. A digital PR would publish quality content on your site and other sites to generate leads. Specifically, they will put your products in front of relevant and interested customers. As stated earlier, more leads will be generated if more people are checking out your products and browsing through your website. These leads will now be channeled into a conversion funnel, ultimately turning them to sales.

Identify Target Audiences Effectively

Digital PR helps every brand to identify their target audience and pick the right communication channel. It also introduces a brand to new target audiences, which take place within editorial articles and on search engine results pages.

After discovering your target audiences, digital PR professionals will let you understand the best method to reach them effectively. The PR team will consider factors like hot topics, key influences, way of gathering information, social media trends, and others.

In general, whoever you are engaging with is just as crucial as whatever you are promoting. PR will help you in prioritizing target audiences and determine the key messages that will influence them effectively.

Establish Brand Trust

Customers are more likely going to purchase products if the brand is trustworthy. Digital PR can help your business build that trust through securing positive, impartial reviews and creating engaging content.

Useful, high-quality articles can also establish your brand as an authority in your niche, making your site a credible source of information. Hence, SEO-friendly content doesn’t only improve your reputation to your target audience but also other bloggers.

Proactive Pitching

In a digital PR outreach, the first half is creating newsworthy and link-worthy content that’s backed with the right PR tactic and data. The other half is all about pitching the said content. PR pitching, or public relations pitching , is basically the crux of any PR strategy.

PR pitching tips are always about identifying the right journalist, building a relationship with them, personalizing the pitch, having a great hook, and following up. Everyone seems to know these. What you want to know is how to pitch proactively.

Proactive pitching means you’ll have to look for new media prospects outside your client’s ‘baked’ campaigns. Then, be aware of the latest trends to identify where your clients can fit into any conversation. Lastly, take advantage of current interesting content and spin it in your clients’ favor.

In general, you have to be at the cusp of your market’s niche news. This is done by having a constant ear to the ground on what is trending and being talked about.


If you want your business to truly dominate the market, run a digital PR campaign alongside an SEO campaign. Both work hand-in-hand in improving your site’s traffic and securing better organic rankings. Ultimately, always be at the cusp of your market’s niche news and create newsworthy stories proactively.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.