Digitopia’s Top Mobile Market Forecasts for 2022

Mobile market trends in 2022 continue to thrive, thanks to social media, streaming and apps that appeal to millennials.

Here is a list of trends that pioneer mobile market firm Digitopia believes will lead this year.

Digitopia's Top Mobile Market Forecasts for 2022

Billion Download Apps

2021 saw a major shift in games and entertainment apps; this year, it will be social media platforms such as TikTok, Bigo and Twitch.

These apps encompass a whole lot of functions and features people tend to look for in an app. These companies take it a step further by adding immersive experiences, including entertainment, socialization, commerce and gameplay.

The Metaverse Launches

Metaverse apps are poised to be breakout platforms for mobile in 2022. Meta (formerly Facebook) and Apple are leading the pack and set the stage for other companies to follow.

The metaverse is defined as a virtual world where people could meet and do things together. It could be in 2D space or in 3D with the help of devices such as the Oculus Quest and the upcoming Apple VR/AR headset.

NFTs and Digital Assets

NFTs, or non fungible tokens and mobile are a perfect match. Once people wrap their head around the idea of a digital asset then adoption rate for NFTs will surely climb.

It won’t be just NFTs, but crypto and Fintech as well. Fintech will drive the forming and distribution of cryptocurrency, while NFT paves the way for greater adoption and interest.

Lastly, entertainment apps will continue to be sought-after commodities as the pandemic continues. Worldwide spend on YouTube, Hulu and other big names is set to reach $12 billion.

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