Discover Rocket League, the star videogame of eSports

Rocket League is a videogame that has achieved a lot of fame today, and that exposes us a simple but successful concept: A fusion between vehicles and football. This videogame has always known how to improve with the passage of time since its launch on July 7, 2015, and it is thanks to its feature of ensuring a level playing field between all its players that Rocket League has been able to be implemented in the eSports, an achievement that has made it one of the most successful competitive videogames today.

This videogame designed by Psyonix has a dynamic that resembles soccer where the player is mobilized through a court trying to dominate a ball with the aim of scoring goals to the opposing team, but with the very unusual difference that instead of controlling players, we control a vehicle with many ways to move and boost, either on the ground or in the air through impressive maneuvers that require much control of the player with his car.

Discover Rocket League, the star videogame of eSports

The competitive world of the Rocket League is extremely enormous and very similar to that of the FIFA or PES games where we can test our skills through the various championships that Rocket League offers (such as the Rocket League Championship Series). This game also allows us to play either 1 vs. 1 duel, or a battle in teams of up to 4 vs. 4.

Another factor that makes Rocket League a very competitive game is its Cross-Platform functionality, an element that allows us to play online with any player who owns Rocket League regardless of the platform on which they are playing, whether on PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch. This same function is found in Free to play videogames such as Fortnite, PUBG, among others.

Unlike other video games, their items are not intended to provide any advantage to the player, all in order to maintain equality between their players’ conditions. Rocket League items are only limited to customize the appearance of cars (such as wheels, boosts, decals, trails, goal explosions, banners, among others), although it should also be mentioned that some items change a little the mobility of the cars, but such changes only serve the function of players find other driving options for their vehicles. Rocket League items also serve the function of symbolizing the player’s ability, as the most exotic and coveted items are normally used by the most experienced and talented players. To get items in the Rocket League you need to play games or exchange items with other players. There are two methods to get interchangeable items:

  1. Playing matches.
  2. Opening Crates with the use of Keys.

It should also be mentioned that there are currently many websites that are responsible for marketing Keys to players.

The popularity of the Rocket League has also allowed it to obtain diverse DLC contents with themes that refer to different Hollywood movies, such as: The DLC of DC Super Heroes, the DLC of Jurassic World, and the DLC of Back to the Future, among many others.

Rocket League is undoubtedly a game with an original concept and a dynamic designed for those fans of sports games, but especially for those looking for a good competitive game where it is not necessary to have an expensive item, have luck with Crates, a high level, or some other advantage to become a professional. One aspect that should also be thanked to the Psyonix game is the good work it has done adding more variety to the increasingly popular eSports. It is expected that these electronic sports will continue to grow with the emergence of more unique videogames with a solid competitive good, as seen in Rocket League.