Do I Need a Gaming Desk?

For those who enjoy gaming, you will undoubtedly have a home gaming setup. Regardless of the type of console, you like playing games on, the setup of your gaming area is important. If you are a serious gamer, comfort is going to be essential, and for a lot of people, this is all about the chair you sit in.

Gamers who sit for several hours at a time will tell you how important the comfort of their chair is, and so it is no surprise that there is a huge range of gaming chairs available. But, if you have the right chair, is the desk really that important, we hear you ask. Our answer to this is; it depends on the type of console you are using.

Do I Need a Gaming Desk?


If you are playing video games on a modern console that you hook up to your television, a gaming desk is absolutely unnecessary. However, for PC gamers, the right gaming desk can be a game-changer. The main consideration when deciding whether or not to buy a gaming desk over a regular PC desk is the features included for gaming.

If you have multiple consoles and want to have them all set up in one area, we recommend you check the storage and setup options of any desks you are considering.

Desk Features

There are some features that most gamers will say are universal when they shop for a new gaming desk. These features include a desk that is durable and made with high-quality materials to ensure that it is durable. It is best to pay slightly more for your desk initially, providing you know that you will have a stable and durable desk for years to come.

Additionally, you will need to ensure that the desk you buy is the right size. While this sounds very obvious to ensure that it will fit into the space in your home, it is also essential that the surface area is the right size too. You will know what your preferred desk setup is and also the size of the equipment you will be using on the surface of the desk. Therefore, ensure that you measure this before buying a desk so that you are not cramped while gaming.

You should always ensure that the desk is the right height for you or can be adjusted to the right height. The ‘right height’ when gaming is to have the height of the desk so that you can comfortably rest your forearms on the desk at a 90-degree angle. Increasingly, gamers and those who are working from a desk are looking at height adjustable desks that can be adjusted and moved to accommodate changes in posture.

Buying a gaming desk that adjusts when you need it to can help to facilitate longer periods of gaming and also ensure that the desk can be shared with others in your home if needed. Buying a desk that has adjustable feet will also ensure there is no desk movement while gaming, regardless of the evenness of your flooring.