DoCast Delivers a Smooth Mirroring Experience

DoCast, available on the App Store, is a recently-released iOS app by Electronic Team that does photo casting, video streaming, and screen mirroring iPhone to TV via Chromecast. What makes it special is great performance, a perfect UI, and opportunities for new users to fully try it out before deciding to upgrade. Let’s get into specifics.

What is DoCast Capable Of?

This impressive app can wirelessly connect to a Chromecast from your iPhone or iPad and mirror the device’s screen to TV, or stream videos and cast photos. When you cast and stream from iPhone to TV, DoCast also provides a convenient gallery to browse and select media. Adjustable options include mirroring quality and toggles for audio and screen auto-rotation.

DoCast Delivers a Smooth Mirroring Experience

All functionality is implemented perfectly, the app is put together nicely, and this is also reflected in the UI. The interface is completely intuitive, easy to navigate, and its layout makes sense. It was never a hindrance to everyday streaming and mirroring, and that’s all users need.

What about performance? It’s astounding. The low mirroring delay when you cast phone to TV – less than a second – opens up many alternative use cases for DoCast, like gaming. The quality is great, which is important when streaming movies.

Why DoCast?

iPhones and iPads already have an AirPlay mirroring feature built in. But alas, not every TV is compatible with the AirPlay protocol. Many of them, like some Sony models, run on Chromecast. And it’s also very common for users to have this attachment. Still, just having Chromecast is not enough – you also need an app to make your device compatible with it. And that’s where DoCast comes in. It can mirror, stream, and cast to any Chromecast device, including Chromecast Ultra and any TV model compatible with the protocol.

Is It a Paid App?

DoCast actually has a free version. It has some restrictions – mirroring sessions can only last for 15 minutes, and video streaming sessions are even shorter at 3 minutes – although you can skip to a different spot using the timeline. However, this turned out to be more than enough to get a feel for the app, especially considering that the highest quality setting and audio are already available for free. Plus, all versions have unlimited photo casting, and don’t have any ads.

The Premium Upgrade can be purchased in the Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime form. It removes the mirroring and streaming limits. In addition, since DoCast is in active development, any features added in the future will only be available with the Premium Upgrade.

In Conclusion

DoCast is, overall, an innovative and refined Chromecast iPhone app, and a great competitor to existing mirroring solutions. The quality of the app, initial availability of settings, and the absence of ads are the main points that can be highlighted. If you’re interested in DoCast, you can discover more information on its official website.