Does My iPhone Need a VPN?

Apple boasts top-notch security, but is that enough to keep your data secure whenever you use your Apple device?

Here’s where VPN services can come in handy. We know the virtues of a VPN and how it keeps your browsing habits personal. You can often use VPN on an iPhone for free, though most providers offer monthly plans for enhanced security.

Does My iPhone Need a VPN?

A VPN connects you to an encrypted server, hiding your IP address from third party sites and potential hackers, which can be beneficial for the following reasons:

1. Keeps You Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Security experts warn against connecting on public Wi-Fi for good reason. A lot of hackers and fraudsters connect to it in hopes of collecting personal information and data from users. It’s certainly possible to capture financial records such as credit card details and login information and sell them to the highest bidder.

Keeps You Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Using a VPN keeps you away from those risks, even if you use public Wi-Fi at restaurants, cafes and hotels. Instead of clear-cut data, any malicious entity will see encrypted information, e.g., gibberish as your internet traffic is scrambled.

2. Bypasses Geo Restrictions

Though the internet is supposed to cater to a global audience, some sites and videos are geo-restricted, which means that users in a ‘blocked’ territory will not be able to see them. These are often seen in services such as YouTube, Netflix and others.

Does My iPhone Need a VPN?

With a VPN, you can simply choose a country, connect to it and your IP will show up as a geo-accepted address. You can unlock all the content you want to watch anytime without worrying about whether you can see it or not. Also, some promotions and discounts, e.g., on flights, hotels and special products will be available, saving you some money in the process.

3. Keeps Bandwidth Throttling Out

Don’t you simply hate it when your ISP downgrades or limits your bandwidth speed because you were using up too much of it?

Keeping your online activities hidden solves this dilemma, and a VPN can do exactly that.

4. Do You Value Your Online Privacy?

In today’s world, going online isn’t as simple as it seems. Almost all of the things we do, e.g., shopping, paying bills and logging on social media can be collected on the site’s servers or while in the act.

Do You Value Your Online Privacy?

ISPs are able to monitor your activity, and can be sold to third parties. You can receive a solicitation email, an unknown number phone call and even an SMS as an effect.

The right VPN keeps your activities and information private, even with your ISP. All data becomes encrypted the moment you connect to a server. The only information prying eyes can see is the VPN’s IP address.

5. Gaming Will Be Better

Many people like using a VPN before firing up their favorite iOS games. This becomes a necessity if the game connects to online servers, and helps you with several elements as well.

Gaming Will Be Better

For instance, how many games are disrupted with an IP ban from admins? Or, you wouldn’t want to be disconnected in the event of a DDoS or DoS attack from disruptive personnel. Geo-blocks are apparent in popular games to prevent traffic from slowing down servers, and sometimes you may get assigned to a different server from your friends.

You can reduce PING and latency by connecting to a server that’s closer to the country.

A good VPN company should have reliable security features and strong encryption. Security protocols and protective measures such as DNS Leak Protection and Kill Switch are the ones to look for. Monthly plans are tailored to work for all kinds of users. Once you find the best VPN for your needs, you can expect exceptional service and unrestricted access without compromise.