Don’t have Time to Read? Indulge yourself in Digital Reading with these Apps in your Smartphone

Hunting for a free space, pretends to be absolute anachronistic in the map of busy schedule of the modern generation.  Starting from attending classes to completing pending works to the time of taking naps, everything is so routined that grooving out a slice of time out of the hectic schedule is truly challenging. As a scapegoat of the immense schedule wise pressure, if you feel to lose passion for books and endless reading in free space, then it’s truly anguishing. However, reviving the habit of reading and thinking is astoundingly possible, if you follow a smart shortcut. There are so many free reading apps namely magzter, amazon kindle available in play stores. You just download any of these with a few clicks and restart wandering into the wonderland of wisdom anywhere at any point of time.

Hence, if you’re yet to discover the list of popular reading apps in the country, help yourself with these top 10 apps, bringing forth bundles of books, audio series, magazines and all relevant pedantic supplements.

Don't have Time to Read? Indulge yourself in Digital Reading with these Apps in your Smartphone

Top 10 reading apps for your smartphone

1. Magzter

The name overtly suggests what the app does. The New York based company Magzter, is a clubhouse of millions of magazines, periodicals, newspapers of all genres. In India, it has facilitated an inclusive access of more than 5000 magazines and newspapers. You can download the magazine from both google play and apple store. However, the magazine does not avail free access to all its inclusion rather the user has to pay a certain amount of subscription fees. Presently you buy the magazine bundles of all genres just paying only Rs. 1,999/year i.e. 50% of the total cost.

The magazine Provides access to leading news papers, magazines of diverse genres; fashion, business, famina in both English and regional languages. Side by side you will get updates about internal affairs and muster news from international journals and magazines namely Forbes, Vogue etc. The best part of Magzter is you can shop both recent and superseded bundles of magazines, periodicals and weekly stories. Hence, from the next time you need a fidel daily travel time companion, consider Magzter as the saviour.

Download Magzter here

2. Amazon Kindle

If any reading app exists which is renowned as a cluster of ebooks of heterogeneous genre and offers best price value at the same time, the felicity straight goes to amazon kindle. Because even a lay person is aware of the app which is freely downloadable from the play store. However, duly downloading you must adhere that not all books are freely accessible from here rather you’ve to pay a tiny amount. Despite dispensing ebooks, one new addition of kindle is bestowing access to audio series. Moreover all its collections have also been converted into audio CDs.

The Genre of Amazon Kindle is truly endless. You can fetch any type you’re interested in; classic, best sellers, horror, romance, crime, thriller, lullaby and so on. As the platform endorses reputed authors namely Ruskin Bond, Jeffry Archer, Chetan Bhagat etc. you can pick their best seller collection as well. In one word, when no one is there to accompany you, Amazon Kindle would stand by your side. A book from here starts as low as Rs. 27.

Download Amazon Kindle here

3. Pratilipi

Do you pamper a secret wish to be a writer but suffer from time confinement? Subside your worry at Pratilipi. Pratilipi, is a reading story book app which also propels out a special facility to write on it’s web page. That means simultaneously with reading novels and stories, you can write your own story and submit it at Pratilipi. All the process comes absolutely free of cost. Moreover, while traveling or managing free space while working, you can continue with your episodes or story at any point you wish.

However, the Bangalore based reading and writing app, mainly posts romantic novels, novellas and stories. The user can access more than 12 languages. Despite promoting popular authors, Pratilipi promises to serve as a loyal platform for young writers. Hence, to experience what exactly Pratlipi does, you try their service once.

Download Pratilipi here

4. Gutenberg

One another popular free reading app Gutenberg accommodates more than 57000 ebooks within a single platform. The app also generates accessibility to free audio series. Major genres of the app entitles classic, literature, children’s book, drama, education, self development etc. The app is monitored with sensitive codings that enable auto reading mode; day or moon based on diurnal time. It also has a dictionary within it. The user can customize reading style, orientation and fonts and graphic quality while reading through it.

Some of the best seller inclusion of the app are Moby Dick, Or, The Whale, Heart of darkness, War and peace,  A tale of two cities and so forth. A glimpse of top listed writers from Gutenberg are Jane Austin, Victor Hugo, Mark Taiwan, William Shakespeare, Emile Bronte etc.

Download Gutenberg here

5. Google Play Books

Google Play Books formerly Google ebooks showcases a vast compendium of ebooks, audio CDs, and comics from around the world. It knots down and displays best selling authors from 75 countries. The overall collection is imparted into ebooks, audio and comics which further has ramified into more than 40 sub genres. For example, the ebooks section is splitted into 14 subsects, starting from arts and entertainment to religion and spirituality, self help and so on. The ramification remains more or less the same for audio books. However, Google Books showcases a mesmerizing collection of comics that encompasses a saga of varieties; anthologies, contemporary women, horror, crime, fantasy etc. The app also regularly updates about new arrivals. Albeit, all books are handy under absolute budget friendly range you can also buy a gift card to mitigate the overall price a bit more down.

Download Google play books here

6. Matrubharti

If you’re finicky to inspect a reading app that specifically hinges upon community based languages and supports profusion of indegious language, Matrubharti is one of the best. Despite getting access to best regional authors and their creations, the app also buttresses fledgling writers via its digital pad. Number of languages included into Matrubharti till the time are English, Bengali, Odia, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam.

While you can unfold the voluminous behemoth of regional novels and stories on one side, it also gives an exposure to read soul touching shayaris, quotes and poems. However, in order to keep the pace of reading unstoppable with the app you have to purchase any of its subscription plans. For example, Free Silver subscription plan for 10 days, 1 month access at Rs. 30, 1 year subscription at Rs. 299 and 3 years subscription paying only Rs. 599.

Download Matrubharti here

7. Aldiko

This android and IOS based application supports EPUB reading file capability and ensures thousands of downloads. It’s a pan global based application which is authorized in India as well. You can quest amid accessibility on international classics and literature through this app. The app also cascades vibrant genres of audio series.

Download Aldiko here

8. Webcomics

Does the world of manga comics fascinate you more than a mainstream novel? If so, then you should peek inside webcomics which can be compared as a hidden pool of Japanese animated stories. Albeit, you can walk across its multifarious  genres, yet to be prudent beforehand you should decipher that majorly all of its comics are for young and adults. However, among top genres most favored are romantic, thriller and chronicle comics. Despite reading, as a user you can also publish your own comics and animated novels. A glimpse of most read comics from here are Bright memories, the crown of the forest, the right twin and so forth.

Download webcomics here

9. Scribd

The American ebook company has launched the android supported app recently. If you wonder about the app and website then you better acknowledge that Scribd is more than just being a podium free digital story book. Rather it’s a warehouse of research articles, journals and academic essentials. Apart from books and documents you can also uncover thousands of audio series, podcasts and even listen music. Definitely Scribd charges a subscription free of Rs. 299 per month but before unlocking the subscription tenure you will get access to a 30 days free trial on each of its collections. Hence, from now on no reclusiveness nor be melancholic while Scribd allures you just a few clicks away.

Download scribd here

10. Media365

Have you ever thought about earning a tempting amount via publishing your story online or stepping inside the ocean of books at a minimal charge? At Media365 you can get an exposure of doing so. It’s a platform for humongous world classics and diverse genres of literature such as thriller, magic, violence, vintage classic, travel etc. Moreover, the platform allows you safe publishing without violating user’s trust on the site. Once your documents are accepted as publishing materials, you will get paid a sumptuous amount.

Thus with these 10 apps unbound your desire of reading anywhere at any point of time. All these are flawlessly potential to appease your boredom or irksome feeling with its diverse pool of classic collections. Being it a classic novel or a business journal, as wisdom has no boundary, you must enrich your mind in every possible way. Just keep in mind that knowledge is floating in the air and it’s up to you, the way you grab it. Hence, enjoy reading and keep honing self acuity.