Technology essays need not be as daunting as you think especially if you know what you should be doing and what you should avoid. Briefly, you should have your dos and don’ts s ready before starting the wiring process. Undoubtedly, technology is a dynamic field and writing on any topic in this field is not complete without deep insight and research 

Dos and Don’ts on writing a Technology Essay

How do you get started on any essay topic on Technology? You could choose the longer route where you start from scratch including collecting the research material. Or you could take help from professional essay writing companies. If you are choosing the latter, make sure you choose a company that specialise in technology essays such as If you are choosing the former option, you will need to do a lot of background work including knowing how to write great essays. Our technology writers have collated the best pointers so that you can learn how to write technology essays easily. Read on to discover some vital do’s and don’ts before you embark your writing journey.

Let us look at some of the must Do’s to write an intuitive technology essay 

Do write a powerful thesis statement

A thesis statement captures the central theme of your technology essay and it is usually written when you are nearing the end of your introduction. It is important to clearly write the idea you wish to get across to the reader through a well-worded thesis statement. A well-written technology essay will exhibit good understanding of the topic and validate your argument. 

Do find what type of essay you are required to write 

This is perhaps the first step to take in order to understand the type of essay needed from you. You will be way off the mark if you submit a comparative essay when what is needed is an analytical one.

To find out the type of technology essay needed, observe closely the way the question is worded.  Questions always have task words that hold a clue to the type of essay that is needed. Some of the task words are analyse, explore, review, investigate, discuss and such others. If your assignment is an analytical technology essay, you will mostly find ‘discuss’, ‘analyse’ or ‘investigate’ in the question. 

Do narrow down on an engaging technology topic idea

Choose a topic that captivates you and zero in on it to form the main theme of your technology essay. It is imperative to write the essay in a way it answers the question in the thesis statement.    

Do read as much as possible about the topic and look for pertinent sources 

It is possible to look for insightful articles on the topic from veritable sources online such as Google Scholar. It is a good idea to use your library at the college or University for referring to books on technology. Look up technology magazines and others that cover breaking news and research on scientific topics.

Do make a list of questions related to the topic 

It is necessary to list out other issues associated with the topic and use relevant keywords to conduct more research. Open your mind to encourage more questions and look for more interesting thoughts and ideas. Do jot down important points as you read up from sources

Your technology essay should contain interesting information cited from the technology journals. To do so, you should begin by noting down ideas that can be used for paraphrasing or citing while drafting the essay. Do remember to put in all the required information about all the sources such as publication date, name of author, and title.  This information you will need when you create the references page.

Do draft your outline 

After you have collected adequate material, you should put all these ideas in a structured manner by organising them. To do so, a detailed outline is crucial to assist in keeping the focus on the topic.  The structure will be based on the type of essay. Ideally, the outline of the essay should have the following – An introduction, Information on the topic, Thesis statement, Body of the essay containing paragraphs, and conclusion which will comprise the essence of the essay in a summary form.

Do write a first draft of the essay 

Use your outline to start writing the technology essay. Although it may seem hard at first, the best way is to write in keeping with your plan about the paragraph length. It is best to write without thinking too much about grammar or spelling in the drafting phase. This is because there will be an exclusive time for editing and proof reading. Do create a rough draft for each paragraph that you have planned to constitute the body of the essay. 

Do write an impactful introduction

Your technology essay should grab attention from the start. If you begin the introduction with a teasing question or a thought provoking story or a shocking statistic, you have more or less sparked the interest in your reader.

Next is writing authentic background information for your thesis statement. 

Do maintain the same structure in body paragraphs

You should use the body paragraphs to elucidate on the topic with each body paragraph embodying the same structure. Remember to start each paragraph with a topic sentence. The paragraph should have ideas and points in support of the thesis statement. Ideally, back all these points with examples.

Do have a clear and befitting Conclusion

A befitting conclusion is one that summarises all the ideas and provides a strong viewpoint on the topic of the essay. It can be a brief paragraph instead of a lengthy one but one that alludes to your thesis statement powerfully.  

Once the rough draft is done, go through it several times to ascertain the changes that need to be done. Always keep adequate time for revising and rewriting the technology essay. It is important to start working on it early so you have ample time to make the necessary changes. Ensure all the references cited are of a specific style such as APA, MLA.  Do check if the structure of the essay is logical and if each paragraph has a topic sentence. 

Now that we have written about all that you should be doing to get a perfectly written Technology essay, let us look at what you should avoid doing to deliver a flawless technology piece.

Don’t misinterpret the topic.

Many students do not understand the topic the way they should. This is because they read about it briefly and this hampers their understanding of the topic. This means they write essays that do not meet the expectations of university tutors.

It is important to read the topic many times and by the end, you should know what the tutors expect in the essay. It is important to completely analyse the topic and then only start to write.

Don’t take the guidelines lightly

It is not that only the process is important when it comes to writing technology essays. What is of utmost relevance here is that technology essays should stick to guidelines. Students should follow the writing style specified by the professor. 

Do not skip manual proofreading.

Although we have many online tools to perform spelling checks and proofreading, do not rely completely on these tools. Although these tools are effective in spotting the obvious flaws, repetition of words, they are still incapable of analysing the writing or checking for its correctness, like a human eye would. The online spelling and grammar checks may end up pointing out an error since the tool does not understand the context. Automated tools may not spot problems in usage of words or flaws in sentence construction.

Proofreading one’s own work and taking the assistance of a friend is also good to check for errors in the essay. 

Don’t mix citation styles 

Do not make use of more than a single citation style during a technology essay. Maintain consistency with style used in the essay.

The Do’s and Don’ts will help you in writing a neat technology essay. Briefly, the secret to writing a good technology essay is to give plenty of attention to minute details. Do focused reading of the topic and devote adequate time to research ,  writing a proper outline, construct a powerful thesis statement, and allot some time for thorough proofreading and editing (both manual and online).

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