Apple does a great job at creating devices and software that have just about everything you need. Even the services for which you once had to rely on companies like Google – maps, translation, browsers – have been perfected by Apple and are standard on every device.

Download These Apps On Every Apple Device

By providing so much within the Apple ecosystem, Apple is not only locking you in. They are also ensuring that your devices are safer than any other, as it is difficult to download dodgy software, even if you try to do so intentionally.

Nonetheless, even Apple devices have the need for some apps which will keep you safe and improve your experience.

Download the following apps on all your Apple devices.

VPN Software

These days, there are more reasons to use a VPN than ever. A VPN protects you from hackers and surveillance by hiding your IP address and encrypting your data. This is something Apple cannot do for you, as Apple is one of the companies you don’t want to have access to all your data.

With a VPN, you can also unlock extra streaming content, like the Netflix and Prime Video libraries that differ according to country because of licensing regulations. Find The Best Streaming VPNs in 2020 and download one now to get access to an unending supply of content.

It is also worthwhile to use a VPN to get access to sporting events only available in certain countries, ensuring you always have exciting competitive action to watch.


Apple has made the attempt to improve password security protocols by offering you “Strong Passwords” every time you create an account. This is great, except that it means you have to use Safari on your devices and you are once again putting the responsibility for your security in Apple’s hands.

By downloading a password manager like 1Password, you get great software that works throughout your other apps, creating and storing all your passwords for you. All you need is one strong password to access all of your others.

Passwords are still one of the easiest ways hackers can get into your accounts. It is not in our nature to spend time thinking up and remembering complex passwords. A password manager ensures you never have to and can rest easy that your accounts are secure.


Apple has been steadily improving the camera, and nowadays iPhones have incredibly powerful cameras unlike anything we had access to before. However, their camera software leaves something to be desired. From taking photos to editing them, the Apple app is barebones and lacks functionality.

Spectre Camera is the camera app the new hardware deserves. It uses AI to improve your photography skills, as well as using environmental details to leave you with a photo that is clearer and better positioned.

With Spectre, you don’t need to take hundreds of photos only to spend hours editing the one which came out closest to how you wanted it. It does much of the work for you, so that editing the end result is nothing more than a formality.

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