Eargo Sets A New Bar In Hearing Loss Solutions

Eargo breaks the mold when it comes to hearing aid accessibility and convenience. With the revolutionary, virtually invisible Neo HiFis, you can enjoy life at its fullest without the drawbacks that come with traditional hearing aids.

What Makes Eargo Special?

It’s safe to say that current hearing aids and the process to acquire them is antiquated.


The reason why so many Americans don’t bother to buy a hearing aid is simple- they don’t want to be burdened by endless trips to the clinic, undergoing numerous hearing tests and having to get a prescription.

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Plus, hearing aids cost around $4,000, and you will have to worry about running out of batteries.

Eargo is an innovative hearing aid designed to enhance an individual’s hearing ability. Instead of getting a clunky set of devices that sit awkwardly behind your ear, the ones that come from Eargo rests inside your ear canal in an open fit, non-occlusive environment. The ‘invisible’ design can give individuals enhanced hearing without any indication of a handicap.

In buying an Eargo you won’t be subject to endless visits to an ear clinic for diagnostics, fitting and subsequent purchase. It’s directly sold on the official website, which makes it more affordable to those who need it.

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Eargo is best for those who are experiencing mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss. This condition affects men more and gradually worsens with aging. It’s FDA regulated, medical grade and a class 2 device that’s better than PSAPs, or personal sound amplifiers.

Eargo is Covered by Most Federal Employee Insurance Plans

Although the cost of getting a pair of Eargos is still cheaper than a traditional hearing aid, you may be eligible to get them at no extra cost.

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Eargo is covered by most insurance plans within the Federal Employee Health Benefits program. Federal employees, retirees and their family members may be eligible to get the hearing aid solution. If you are a federal government employee and wish to check and see if your insurance covers it, go here.

Eargo Website Has Exactly What You Need 

Eargo’s official website should be your destination if you want to get a pair. At the entry level, 2 hearing aids, a charger and lifetime professional support only costs around $1,850.

The company website will not require a prescription or a visit to the clinic. They have free hearing checks online and can even provide telecare checkups with a licensed hearing professional to see if the hearing aid is a good fit.

Eargo is invisible

In line with convenience, a purchase will get you a dedicated personal hearing professional who can assist you with how-to’s, troubleshooting and tuning concerns. They are licensed audiologists or hearing aid professionals you can reach through the Eargo app, via video chat or phone. Support is free for life and completely beats having to schedule an appointment.

Also, the Eargo sports a rechargeable battery via its included case to eliminate unnecessary complications, such as having to buy batteries in the middle of the night.

Better Hearing Starts Now, Get Your Free Sample

Eargo tops out every traditional hearing aid device due to its ease of purchase, invisibility, comfort and having professional support 24/7.

Hear life clearly with the help of the breakthrough Eargo hearing solution. To learn more or try the free fit-and-feel sample, click here.