Medical science now says that walking 10,000 steps every day can keep you healthy and help you live a long life. But with most people working extra hard to keep up with the cost of living, who has time for that? What if you could get paid for walking?

Earn Crypto For Walking with GreenCoin.AI (GRC)

A new company called GreenCoin.AI (GRC) has figured out a way to do just that. Sounds too good to be true? Fortunately, it’s both good and true. GreenCoin.AI (GRC) has developed an ingenious system for helping us all to improve both our physical fitness and our financial fitness, both at the same time.

GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s human-powered blockchain

The secret sauce of GreenCoin.AI’s plan is a cleverly engineered line of home fitness gear that harvests human energy to generate electricity and mine cryptocurrency. The treadmill and a stationary bike are built around a special AI-powered chip that not only tracks user activity but also mines cryptocurrency.

In short, crypto mining is the processing of authenticating crypto transactions and updating a crypto ledger to reflect account balances. In exchange for the computing power, blockchains payout in their native cryptocurrencies — in this case, GRC coin.

In addition to a stationary bike and treadmill that pump out money, GreenCoin.AI’s ingenious “burn-to-earn” ecosystem system creates a community economy that runs independently of the traditional banking systems.

GreenCoin.AI’s mission is to build a worldwide community of fitness, wellness, and ecology enthusiasts. The average participant in this fitness market spends over $300 a year on gear, gym memberships, and classes. And the combined fitness and wellness market generates $4.5 trillion in annual revenue. Currently, all that money rolls uphill to corporations, banks, and governments. By keeping all that money in the GRC community economy everyone who holds GRC coin benefits.

GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s blockchain-powered home fitness gear will be released over the course of 2022-2023. The lineup not only includes the stationary bike and treadmill that generate electricity and mine GRC coin. It also includes a full-length mirror/display that uses augmented reality technology (AR) to bring personal trainers and wellness coaches right into users’ homes.

Additionally, a fitness watch tracks activity and acts as a pulse monitor. And a free mobile app connects it all together to track progress and acts as a crypto wallet.

The GRC monetary network

What can you do with a GRC coin? For starters, you can quickly convert it into cash and use it to invest or pay bills. However, you can also keep your cash and use GRC to buy things you normally spend cash on such as fitness gear and supplements or to hire health and wellness coaches or personal trainers that are also on the network.

GRC coins can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, members can even earn GRC coins in their sleep by anonymously sharing their fitness data with merchants.

The greening of the fitness and wellness industries

One of the major criticisms of crypto mining is that it uses too much energy and isn’t environmentally friendly. GreenCoin.AI’s (GRC) ingenious plan to tap into human energy to mine crypto provides participants with all of the benefits of cryptocurrencies while running on 100 percent renewable energy.

GreenCoin.AI’s (GRC) founders envision a world in which the fitness, wellness, and environmental communities come together to create a green, community-driven economy. All GRC earned from working out stays within the GRC economy facilitating the continued growth and prosperity of the entire community.

Want to get in early on this brand new cryptocurrency? Crypto enthusiasts can start collecting GRC coins prior to the launch of GreenCoin.AI’s lineup of home fitness gear. GRC can be purchased via Uniswap, or by opening an account at either the, P2PB2B, or LBank crypto exchanges.

Visit GreenCoin.AI to learn more about the GRC network.

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