If your writing is considered good writing, it must be well organized, logical and orderly. Skillful writers use their skills to communicate a logical message to their audience effectively to educate them on a certain topic. 

Education: Best Free Writing Apps in 2021

It might be impossible to achieve good writing skills without help from writing tools. In the education sector, students and teachers use writing tools to help them achieve the best essay writing formats, check for plagiarism, grammatical errors, and citing. The following are some of the best free apps for writing.  

Education: Best Free Writing Apps in 2021

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid uses cloud-based tools to edit copies of documents like academic content, blogs, and books. Because it’s a cloud-based tool, it detects, eliminates, and corrects errors very fast to save time. Its free and paid versions are compatible with any operating system. 

Its algorithms help improve a document’s readability and flow. The app can be used on MS Word, Chrome, Google Docs, and Scrivener. When writers produce perfect documents through help from writing apps, it can help attract more readers and create better opportunities for the writer to earn more. It is one way that can help overcome the challenge of low wages of artists around the world. 


Ginger uses various algorithms to process and detect language errors in a document. Ginger detects even the hardest to detect grammatical errors like commas, colons, and semi-colons. Its superior features help make suggestions of the best flow of sentences and paragraphs so that the student can reconstruct them to help make more sense in their content. 

Ginger can also be linked with google mail and social media to help detect errors as you write. The free Ginger package is excellent to use, although it limits you to the number of documents you can scan for errors daily. For unlimited use of Ginger, you may want to subscribe to the premium package. 

The main advantages of free apps

The biggest benefit of free apps is that they are completely free. You are not required to purchase them or to sign up for monthly subscriptions. Of course, they are inexpensive, but due to the wage difference between men and women, not everybody can manage to purchase any app. 

Yes, we are working to address gender disparity, and maybe it will be resolved soon, but why should individuals who earn a low salary pay the same amount for an app as others who earn more money due to gender wage disparities? Why isn’t it less expensive? If you’ve never heard of gender disparity before, you can learn all about it by reading a few sample essays on GradesfFixer. You can read more free essay topics like wage gap essays and gender pay gap essays on https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/gender-wage-gap/ to gain more insights on education. Many college students visit the site whenever they want to learn more about various types of essays. 


Grammarly is widely used by students, educators, and writers in the commercial writing field. It uses a combination of language algorithms to detect grammar errors and give suggestions for corrections. Its basic version is completely free and allows unlimited editing of documents for all types of grammar errors. Its subscription version helps offer advanced features for sentence and paragraph flow. The app is very good for editing and proofreading. 

Education: Best Free Writing Apps in 2021

You don’t even have to spend your paycheck on apps 

Because most individuals earn minimum wage, which they then spend on paying bills, groceries, and debts, not everybody can manage to purchase different applications or games most of the time, whether for work or education. 

Since there are so many such folks and it is difficult for them to pay to own any app, many developers provide it free. On Samplius, you can learn everything about minimum wage difficulties and perhaps gain a sense of what it’s like to be a minimum wage worker. As a result, it’s safe to assume that free app developers and advertisers are nice people. There are many essays that students can access essays like minimum wage essay examples in the USA for free on Samplius and learn more about essay writing tactics. From the ideas they get, students write good essays on minimum wage and create excellent minimum wage essay outlines. 

Living Writer 

Living Writer is accessed through the browser and is best used by books and story writers. It can help students produce good essays and stories that can earn them good grades. Using the app, writers can make smooth storylines and plots using several outline templates to achieve the best story structures. The app is available for use on Android, Apple, and desktop. The app provides 14 days free trial and then students can subscribe at $9.99 monthly. 


FreeMind uses mapping features to create structured diagrams and let users keep track of their projects. The app helps a writer create essays and brainstorm ideas. It uses various colors to highlight essays that are completed, yet to start, which ones are open, and their size. Using DES encryption, the app also helps protect the map from being accidentally deleted. 


Scribus helps writers create an appealing outline for their content. It helps create features that are good for academic papers, reports, and newsletters. The free app uses features like node editing and spot colors.


Freewriting apps provide many benefits to students in various ways. Since students access them for free, it helps eliminate mental stress that can affect them when they cannot afford paid apps. They help students write excellent academic papers by providing easy-to-use features for editing, paraphrasing, proofreading, citing, checking plagiarism, and many others. By using the apps, students can increase career opportunities and broaden their vocabulary.

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