Enjoy Massive Savings on the Upcoming BLUETTI Prime Day 2022


Portable energy leader BLUETTI has recently unveiled its 2022 Prime Day promotion, with up to 20% off on the best solar power stations and solar panel products.

BLUETTI Prime Day 2022

Bluetti confirms that Amazon Prime subscribers can get exclusive deals on Bluetti products come Prime Day, which happens on July 12 and 13. You can still enjoy deals on the same days and by going on the official website, bluettipower.com.

Bluetti’s highly popular solar station, the AC200P has dropped from $1,599 to just $1,499. Packing a 2000W AC pure sine wave converter, cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery and a hefty 2,000Wh capacity, the AC200P will give you superb value in a convenient and portable energy package.

Despite its small size, the AC200P is a capable machine. It can power an 8,000 BTU air conditioner unit and get the station from 0 to 100 percent in just four hours using up to 700W of pure solar power. The AC200P is a dependable source of energy in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Enjoy Massive Savings on the Upcoming BLUETTI Prime Day 2022

An Amazing Deal for the Beast, AC200MAX

The AC200MAX is a worthy successor to the AC200 line. The powerful solar station can accommodate up to two battery modules, namely the B230 or the B300 for 2,048Wh and 3,072Wh capacity and is down to just $1,799 from $1,899.

Bluetti’s power beast can accept 400W wall charging and 900W solar charging for a total of 1,300W. You can get it to 100% in just two hours. The AC200MAX is the travel companion’s choice as it contains a number of ports designed to quickly connect to boats, vans and RVs, among others. The 12V 30A DC outlet and NEMA TT-30 outlet should be able to handle virtually every mobile power need.

Enjoy Massive Savings on the Upcoming BLUETTI Prime Day 2022

Acquire Potentially Unlimited Power with the AC300 and B300

BLUETTI’s AC300 is truly expandable and comes without any batteries built in. During the Prime Day sale, you can grab the powerhouse at a superb price of only $3,399 (originally $3,698).

The modular station can accept up to four B300 modules, each containing 3,072Wh capacity and reaching a very impressive 12,288Wh, which can power a small to medium household’s energy needs.

With the AC300 you won’t have to wait long for it to be juiced up. Using solar panels and a wall outlet, the power station can take up to 5,400W input rate and will always be ready for action. To maximize its potential you can connect the Fusion Box Pro and connect two AC300s and eight B300s in tandem and get up to 6,000W of energy within a 24,576Wh capacity.

Enjoy Massive Savings on the Upcoming BLUETTI Prime Day 2022

Get the Best BLUETTI Deals on Prime Day Sale

Other notable products you might want to check out include the flagship EP500Pro, a 3,000W backup energy for only $4,899 (originally $5,999), the 2,048Wh LFP battery B230 for $1,299 (originally $1,599), the 3,072Wh LFP battery B300 for $1,899 (originally $2,099), and others. The full details can be viewed on Bluetti’s official website.


Bluetti stands at the forefront of the sustainable energy industry, bringing various energy solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Its power stations are available in more than 70 countries and are trusted all over the world.

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