Essential WordPress Plugins for Tech Based Startups

WordPress is a content management system that is based on the idea of installing add-ons as the website needs it. If you have a website and don’t have any sort of plugins on it. It can exactly be compared to having a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese, there would be no point in making it anymore.

Approximately 172 million websites are running on the World Wide Web and around 75,000,000 of those websites are running on the WordPress platform. Since there is such a large usage of WordPress, you can imagine a great number of tech based startups use WordPress to make their presence online.

Essential WordPress Plugins for Tech Based Startups

WordPress works by adding different plugins and themes on the website. It is as simple as downloading the desired plugin and adding it to the backend of the entire website. There are countless plugins and themes a person can choose from, and you can add as many plugins as you require to add functionality to your website. Since there are so many plugins to choose from it can become daunting to choose a plugin that fits your needs. We have compiled a list of plugins that are necessary when you are developing your website for your tech based startup.


WPForms is a plugin that is designed to give the website an easy way to implement different types of forms into your website. A user can choose from different types of forms such as contact us form, newsletter forms, subscription forms, and many others. There are over 200, 0000 users that use the services of WPForms and they have free plans as well as premium plans are also available.

Yoast SEO

The only reason that your website is visible on different search engines is because of SEO. SEO is a process of making your website search engine friendly and improving the rank of your website on the internet. Yoast SEO provides an all in one tool to improve your website’s search engine ranking on different types of search engine platforms, it is considered to be an essential WordPress plugin that every company must have on their website. Yoast SEO provides its users information to create content that is helpful for the user and at the same time SEO friendly. It can also help in creating better meta-data tags so that your website gains a higher ranking on different search engines.

Woo Commerce

If you are planning to build an e-commerce website or just have the functionality of selling your products to your customers on your website than the Woo-commerce plugin is the best thing you can use to make your WordPress website into an online shopping portal. Woo-commerce provides an all in one source for making e-commerce setup on your WordPress websites. There are multiple themes and templates you can use to customize your shopping experience. It does not matter if you have physical, digital, or affiliate products, WordPress has different options that are mated to every type of products. If you want to create an e-commerce website on WordPress, then using woo commerce is the best plugin you can ever use.


Akismet is a plugin that works as an anti-spam plugin. It enables you to keep spammers and maintain the integrity of your site for longer. In the latest version of WordPress Akismet comes pre-installed and is developed by the developers of WordPress. As it comes pre-installed on your website Akismet is completely free to use and provides its users with the advantage of filtering out different types of comments and spam emails. So that you can maintain the integrity of your website efficiently and without any other expenses.