T-Mobile continues to be one of the leading cell network providers.  You will especially like the 4G network performance if you live in urban areas.  You also get to choose from a wide range of unlimited plans with amazing benefits.

Exploring the T-Mobile Network

Let us explore T-Mobile in a little more detail below.

 Types of Plans Available

You get to choose between two unlimited plans as well as a shareable plan that gives you 10 GB of data.  For the latter, you do not even need to undergo a credit check.  If you opt for the shareable plan, you will have to cough up some money in fees and deposits.  What you may not like, is that you do not get to benefit from some of the extras you will find with other plans.

 For the unlimited plans, you have the T-Mobile ONE which gives you the option of individual or four lines respectively.  The cost is inclusive of applicable taxes.  What you get is unlimited talk time, LTE data, and text.  You also get to enjoy the 4G facilities in Mexico and Canada but only up to 5GB.  Texting is available in more than 140 countries.

 You can upgrade the T-Mobile one with the One plus and One plus International, which will cost you between $10 to $25 more than what you would pay for the T-Mobile ONE.  The extras include international calling and top-tier service. You also get extra data for mobile hotspot, unlimited text, Wi-Fi on Gogo enabled flights and HD video streaming.

 You also have the second option of enrolling to the T-Mobile essentials plan. For as little as $30 per month, you get text, data, unlimited talk time and auto-pay discount.  You, however, have to factor in the applicable taxes and may lose out on some of the benefits.

 You should check out their website for additional information on the type of deals you can get by signing onto T-Mobile.   Depending on the package, you can get features such as anti-spam, free call filtering, call-blocking, among others.  You also get discounted rates if you take more than one line.  Those in the military and their families also get to enjoy specific discounts.

 T-Mobile money

T-Mobile also offers banking services on the T-Mobile Money platform. You get a checking account that attracts no fees.  What this means is that you do not have to factor in costs of any kind including overdrafts, monthly service fees, late payment fees. You do not even have to worry about minimum balance requirements.

How to make the switch to T-Mobile

 Marketing language can be misleading; sometimes, mobile service providers will promise you features but do not deliver.  The advantage is that as a customer, you have the option of switching to a different carrier network.  You can take advantage of platforms such as Switch2T-Mobile to make the switch-over process smooth.

What you will especially like is that you do not need to factor in any fees to make the switch over to T-Mobile.  The process is as simple as filling in a request form and letting Switch2TMobile handle the process for you.

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