Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly


You won’t be able to use your iPhone often if it is frozen on the Apple logo. This could be more pleasant, ugh. You’re upset about this topic right now. Even if you don’t know why your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, the issue is straightforward to resolve. Given our variety of choices, one of them may suit you.

Having your iPhone abruptly cut off during setup is annoying, no matter how amazing it is. If you turn on your iPhone and all you see is the Apple logo, try the following. To fix iphone stuck on apple logo on iphone x and above this link is for you, older iphone users should click here instead

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

An iPhone stuck on the Apple logo might be caused by issues with charging, switching to another iPhone, recovering from a backup, etc.

If you’re an iPhone owner, nothing beats the feeling of seeing the Apple logo appear on the screen during startup. That is, until your iPhone stalls, and you have to wait anxiously for hours.

The majority of the time, the software is at fault. This may include fixing corrupted software, repairing an outdated iOS installation, reverting to a previous backup, or transferring data. An issue with the battery or the logic board might cause the Apple logo to get stuck on the screen.

The Apple logo keeps appearing, and I can’t get beyond it.

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

If it freezes on the Apple logo, there must be an issue with your iPhone’s software or hardware. The issue’s likelihood of recurrence is reduced if its underlying cause is recognised and addressed. However, it is difficult for regular users to identify the issue’s root. The iPhone won’t power on and is stuck on the Apple logo? Here are some of the most prevalent causes.

  • Suppose your iPhone got stuck on the Apple logo after updating to iOS 14 or iOS 13. It might be because you’re using a flawed beta version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Here, you may get information about the iOS upgrade.
  • If there are any technical issues when jailbreaking, the iPhone can become stuck on the Apple logo screen.
  • If you cannot finish a data restoration from iTunes or iCloud, or if you are stopped while attempting, your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo screen. This might be the primary impacted system.
  • Suppose you’re using an out-of-date beta version of iOS. In that case, you’ll also experience a frozen iPhone on the Apple logo.
  • An interruption in the data transfer process or a failure due to other factors might leave your iPhone stranded on the white Apple logo screen.

Your iPhone may be affected by damage to its internal components. For instance, if you drop your iPhone and it becomes wet if the USB cable or port is broken, the connection connecting the iPhone’s motherboard and the screen is slack or too tight, etc.

In case your iPhone is frozen on the Apple logo, try these easy solutions.

Force your iPhone to restart

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

Some people claim that if their iPhone is frozen at the Apple logo, resetting it by holding down the power button and holding it until the Apple logo disappears would get their iPhone working normally again. The answer is yes if your iPhone has no additional problems. However, in 99 out of 100 cases, resetting the gadget will have no effect. To add to this, before restarting your device, you should let it charge for at least 30 minutes.

Forcefully restarting an iPhone 8/X/Xs/11/SE/later:

Hold the “Volume Up” button until the desired effect is achieved, then release.

One should quickly hit and release the “Volume Down” button.

To bring up the Apple logo, keep the “Side” button depressed. To force restart an iPhone 7, you must:

You’ll need to simultaneously press and hold the “Sleep/Wake + Volume Down” keys.

  • You may safely let go of the buttons if you see an Apple logo. Forcing a restart on an iPhone 6S, 6/5S:
  • It’s necessary to press and hold the “Sleep/Wake + Home” buttons
  • simultaneously.
  • You may safely let go of the buttons if you see an Apple logo.

You may keep reading if the frozen iPhone starting screen persists after a hard reset.

Second, restore your iPhone using Recovery Mode

If your iPhone won’t boot beyond the Apple logo, entering recovery mode is the next best option.Given that this process will wipe all data and information from your iPhone, you should ensure you have a recent backup of your iPhone on iTunes or iCloud before proceeding.

First, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to a computer. Launch Apple’s newest version of iTunes on your PC.

Boot your iPhone into Recovery Mode by doing the following:

Those with an iPhone 4, 5, 6, or 6s:

To access the “Connect to iTunes” screen, press and hold the “Side + Home” keys at the same time.

To power down your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and bring up the “Connect to iTunes” screen, press and hold the “Side” and “Volume Down” keys at the same time.

To force a restart and bring up the “Connect to iTunes” screen on an iPhone 12/11/Xs/X/8/8 Plus, push and immediately release the “Volume Up” button, then repeat with the “Volume Down” button.

Ensure that you are running the most recent version of iOS on your iPhone.

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

If your iPhone won’t boot beyond the Apple logo, even after a hard restart, or if you’ve been stuck there for a long time (more than an hour), it’s probably because of errors that occur during the upgrading, restoring, or transferring processes. To restore iOS, you need to connect your iPhone to iTunes or Finder.

USB-connect your iPhone to your PC.

To put your iPhone in recovery mode

, adhere to these steps:

Use volume up to boost the phone. Hold the Side button down until a laptop and a Lightning cord appear on the recovery mode screen. The Apple logo will briefly appear before this, but you may safely ignore it.

Try out these helpful hints on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus to get the most out of your device: Once the recovery mode screen shows, the buttons must be released.

To achieve this on an iPhone 6 or before, press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons. Relax your grip on the button as soon as the Apple logo appears.

Activate iTunes now. The Finder application is available on Macs running macOS 10.15 Catalina or earlier. A dialogue window with the Restore and Update options will then appear.

To update your iPhone to the most recent iOS, tap Update. While this may take a few minutes, any more than 15 minutes and your device will exit recovery mode, rendering the upgrade process impossible. To do this, you will need to repeat the steps.

In iPhone’s Restore Menu

After this, a message will appear in iTunes stating, “There is an issue with the iPhone that needs it to be updated or restored.” Click “Restore”, and the software will reload, and the iPhone stuck on the logo problem will be repaired.

Repair iPhone with iTunes

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

Fix 3. Restore iPhone using DFU Mode

Unlike Recovery mode, DFU mode will restore your iPhone’s firmware. As a result, if your iPhone displays the Apple logo, this approach will fix it more thoroughly than any other. This approach would delete all data from your iOS device just as entering Recovery Mode would.

First, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to a computer.

After that, you need to boot your iPhone into DFU Mode:

Those with an iPhone 4, 5, 6, or 6s:

While holding down the “Sleep/Wake” button, press and hold the “Home” button for around 8 seconds.

When prompted, release Sleep/Wake but keep holding Home until a menu appears.

To get the most out of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, try these tips:

A total of eight seconds should be spent pressing and holding the “Sleep/Wake” and “Volume Down” keys simultaneously.

When prompted, release Sleep/Wake but keep holding Volume Down until a screen appears.

Xs/X/X Plus/X/8 Plus/12/11:

A rapid press and release of the “Volume Up” button will increase the volume.

Place your finger on the “Volume Down” button and swiftly let go.

The iPhone screen will go black if you press and hold the “Power” button.

Hold the Power button for 5 seconds, then press and hold the volume Down button.

When prompted, release the Power button but keep holding the volume Down button.

Following the above steps, a window will appear with the following text: “An iPhone in recovery mode has been discovered by iTunes. This iPhone won’t work with iTunes until you restore it.” If you see that screen, it signifies your iPhone has entered DFU mode correctly.

To solve a SE/7/8/X/XS/11/12 that is frozen on the Apple logo, choose “OK” and then “Restore iPhone.”

Replace the battery or the USB cord

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

A defective battery, a loose connection, a dead battery, or a malfunctioning USB cable might be to blame if your iPhone displays the Apple logo when plugged into a power source or when you attempt to sync your iPhone with a computer using iTunes.

Connecting your device to a new USB port or with a different USB cable is the most straightforward approach to double-check.

USB port verification

Get in touch with Apple’s customer support team

If it doesn’t work, you can always call Apple’s technical support line, bring it into a Genius Bar for a professional diagnostic, or visit an Apple retail store near you. You may get a new iPhone if your current one is still covered by Apple’s guarantee.

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How to Stop Your iPhone from Restarting

After attempting the aforementioned methods, if your iPhone is still stuck on the Apple logo, or if you’re simply looking for the fastest and simplest solution, iOS System Recovery is something to look into. It may fix your iOS and restore it to normal without wiping your iPhone’s storage or erasing any of your data.

Particularly notable features of the iOS System Recovery

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

If you’re stuck with the Apple logo on your iPhone, you may have it repaired without losing any of your information.

Repair many iOS problems, including Touch ID freezing, rapid battery depletion, unresponsive screen, iPhone/iPad error 4013, endless restarting, and many more.

Two mending options may restore your iOS to normal.

Replace your iOS with one of the supported versions, or downgrade if necessary.

Compatible with the newest and oldest iDevices on the market.

System Restore for iOS on Windows and OS X

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

Let’s look at utilizing the iOS System Recovery tool to repair your iPhone frozen on the Apple logo without erasing any of your information.

It all starts with downloading iOS System Recovery on your computer. Then choose “iOS System Recovery” and run the program.

Start the iOS System Restore.

Fix for iPhone stuck on the Apple logo quickly

The next thing you need to do to repair an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo is plugged it into your computer using a USB connection and press the “Start” button. Fixing the problem requires booting the iPhone into Recovery or DFU mode.

Recovery Mode on iPhone

After selecting the appropriate iPhone model, click the “Download” button to install the plugin into your repaired device.

Verify the gadget’s details

After the add-on has been downloaded and installed, iOS System Recovery will immediately resolve the “iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo or screen” problem.

Once you’ve performed the steps mentioned above, your iPhone won’t be stuck on the Apple logo anymore.

Final Thoughts

When the Apple logo doesn’t go away on your iPhone, I can imagine how frustrating it is for you. And now is the moment to find a permanent answer to the issue. If the iPhone logo won’t be unstick, this article will show you six efficient methods to free it. All of the aforementioned are options that you should explore.

Naturally, you want the quickest and easiest solution that does not involve wiping the phone’s data. In that case, skip Step 3 and apply the iOS System Recovery discussed there. This program is a reliable solution if your iPhone is frozen at the Apple logo or reset screen. This is the finest tool if you want your iOS device back to normal.