Folx : Free Download Manager For Mac

The invention of computers has been of great significance. The computers came into existence in the 19th century and since then it has been used by humans to make their life easy and comfortable. The need for computers arose when handling of numbers I would say large numbers became a difficult task. Earlier the computers were not used for entertainment like it is used nowadays. Computers have evolved since 1800 and have been the most useful invention which is used everywhere from business to our homes. With the help of the Internet we can easily download a file, song- video and audio both and movies. To download and manage them we require a downloader.

A downloader for Windows is easily available which includes JDownloader, Internet download manager, free download manager, and so on. We can use these in Mac also but if you download stuff from the internet regularly then these downloaders may not be of much use and will end up using time. For Mac operating system one needs to have the best download manager that is specifically designed for it and ultimately lead to saving your time. So if you are a Macbook pro user then you need to be very careful in choosing the right and the best download manager. So to save your time in finding the solution we provide you the ready-made solution. 

Mac download managers like the Folx come in two versions. One standard version is free and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and secondly, there is a pro version that is also available on the Mac app store or their website. The pro version available on their website which has certain more couple of features than the pro version available on the app store because of some restrictions that Apple has put. 

Folx : Free Download Manager For Mac

Features of Folx Download Manager

The features that make Folx the best download managers for mac are as follows –

Supportive of all browsers

Folx is a downloader that supports all web browsers. It is browser friendly. One needs not to change the browser for the file. Using Folx we can download any kind of file from the internet easily as it automatically catches the download.

Download via proxy

we can download the content that is not allowed using our IP address. So we can use the Folx download manager which helps to hide our IP address. It can also help in diverting the traffic on the internet which will help us in downloading things faster.

Folx : Free Download Manager For Mac

Fast downloading

Folx splits the file into multiple pieces called threads. It can split the file into a maximum of 20 threads which helps in downloading the files much faster than the normal download manager.

Speed control

 Folx download manager manages and controls the speed of the internet so that other application that requires the internet can also perform their task while the file is being downloaded.

Folx : Free Download Manager For Mac

Sorting of downloads

Folx came up with the feature of sorting Data into the files that you have created in the download manager like songs that you have downloaded in the file that is tagged as music and video in the video file. 

Remember login credentials

when you download anything using Folx before starting the download Folx ask for login credentials like the user ID and the password.

Scheduling the download

sometimes we do not have time to sit and download files which we think is useful and think we will download it later but somehow forget about it. But our Folx download manager does not even if your computer is at sleep mode or quit the download manager. You can schedule the download and leave the rest up to the amazing Folx download manager.

Folx : Free Download Manager For Mac

Support Torrent Files

As discussed above that Folx also support downloading of torrent files which the normal download manager does not. Before Folx, uTorrent was the client of BitTorrent to download these torrent files which people used for sharing files over the internet easily. But now Folx is the best Utorrent alternative for mac which not only downloads torrent files but with it, all kinds of files can be downloaded easily.

Folx : Free Download Manager For Mac

We can conclude by saying that Folx is the all in one download manager that can be used easily and can be useful.

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