Forget Gas Generators- the Future is Solar with the Bluetti AC300


There has been a debate going on with gas or propane generators and newer and greener solar generators.

Forget Gas Generators- the Future is Solar with the Bluetti AC300

BLUETTI paves the way for the future of solar generators by showing what they can do in terms of delivering sustainable energy. Their latest model, the AC300 is quiet, offers an endless source of clean energy and is relatively maintenance-free compared to traditional generators.

Forget Gas Generators- the Future is Solar with the Bluetti AC300

The Newly-Released AC300 Is The Answer

The AC300 is Bluetti’s newest solar power generator, having been introduced in July this year. It’s a modular type solar system with an accompanying battery module, the B300. Since its announcement, the AC300 and B300 have received much fanfare from those who are looking for a reliable and sustainable power source for their homes, RVs and others.

What separates the AC300 from its predecessors is that it’s entirely modular, which means users can customize how much power they want, up to a maximum of 12,288Wh. This also means that the parts can be transported independently from each other and assembled at the site without too much trouble.

Bluetti has taken the steps to make sure the AC300 has the latest and greatest technology. The LFP cells are rated to have 3,500 life cycles on up to 80 percent original capacity, equating to about 10 years of service life with one cycle a day.

Forget Gas Generators- the Future is Solar with the Bluetti AC300

It’s also one of the first power storages to have an amazing 2,400 watts MPPT solar charging input, as well as a 3,000 watt pure sine wave inverter for AC charge adjusting aspects. With two B300s, you can turn on both AC and solar power options on a maximum potential of 5,400 watts.

Following the modular philosophy, Bluetti has also made the AC300 compatible with the new Fusion Box Pro, which effectively doubles the capacity, power and voltage to 24,576Wh, 240V and 6,000W, respectively. Perhaps the best thing about the solar solution is that users can control and manage all that power via an app over Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.

Alternatively, solar enthusiasts can opt to get the AC200 Max which is now available after a quick restock. It sports a maximum capacity of 8,192Wh when combined with 2 B300 battery modules, 2,200W pure sine wave technology and 900 watts of solar input capability. Act now, because Bluetti is offering a $300 discount on the AC200 Max for a limited time!

AC300 Availability and Launch Date

Currently, the much-awaited AC300 and B300 battery module is available to purchase at the official Bluetti website,

To commemorate the event, Bluetti is giving away huge discounts for first buyers- the AC300 and a B300 power module is priced at just $2,899, which is $800 cheaper than the original price. When you add another B300 battery pack, the price is just $3,648, which is $850 off.

Forget Gas Generators- the Future is Solar with the Bluetti AC300

You can also get whole bundle deals and save up to a thousand dollars. After purchasing, you can wait around 3 to 5 weeks for it to be delivered.

Getting your energy from sustainable and portable sources doesn’t have to be difficult. Bluetti’s products stand as a testament to that, and more. Solar is the energy of the future, and you can try it now with the AC300.

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