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Flipbooks – online browsable catalogs/brochures/magazines – are becoming increasingly popular among online readers. Compared to normal PDF files, a flipbook can be opened and read by anyone and on any device, without download any file. Furthermore, reading is pleasant because it is like leafing through a real book, and it is possible to zoom into particular areas of the page.

Free PDF to FlipBook Converter

For personal and corporate websites and e-commerces, it is also a great way  to spread your product and service catalog and increase page views and get many shares on social networks.

So, Flipbooks have many advantages, but how to convert a PDF file to flip book? is the best service for creating HTML5 Flipbooks with your PDF document. Just in minutes you will have your own customized flipbook (with your own background, logo, title etc..).
About the publishing, there are many output formats for reading (horizontal and vertical) and offline distribution.

How service works?

It’s really simple to use. Just go to website, upload your PDF file and click on the “Convert Now” button.

After a few seconds you will get your flipbook url and you will be able to access the administration area to make customizations. You will be able to edit the title tag of the flipbook, the background, the format (A4 portrait or A5 landscape or square) and set other options.

 The free version of this service does not allow you to upload your own logo and enter the url of your website (backlink); it also allows you to convert up to 20 pages per book.

Your flipbook will be hosted on server for free and you can link or embed your flipbook easily in an iframe of your website. There is also the possibility to download the flipbook in HTML5 format and upload it to your hosting.

Your flipbook will SEO friendly because you can define a title and a description of your page. This content will be indexed by search engines, so you can increase readers to your catalogs from organic searches.

Your flipbook will adapt to the size of any screen, including smartphones and you can also share it in your blog or email signature or to your social media channels to reach more readers.

Convert now your PDF into an online flipbook with!


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