10 Best 100% FREE Psychic Reading Online

Did you know that there are genuine platforms where you can get a free psychic reading online? Wanting a psychic reading online is completely normal when you are facing tough decisions or uncertain times.

Having a psychic reading can explain the things and circumstances going on in your life, helping you to deal with them. You can even ask a question and get the answer from an online psychic.

10 Best 100% FREE Psychic Reading Online

Using an online psychic service is quite a better option than visiting a psychic nearby. This is because the most popular online psychics have been reviewed and rated by thousands of people. These reviews are publicly available so you can decide how good the psychic is.

Here are the top picks that you will find here:

  • Psychic Source – As low as $1 per minute; phone, video, and chat options
  • Oranum – Get $9.99 free credits at Oranum
  • Life Reader – Get a reading for $0.19 per minute or four free chat minutes
  • AskNow – 20 minutes for $20, 5 minutes free
  • MysticSense –  Get five-minute trial reading for free

1. Psychic Source

The motto of Psychic Source is to reveal your life’s possibilities to you, and it does a great job in this regard. It provides psychic readings through all mediums such as phone, video recording, and live chat.

10 Best 100% FREE Psychic Reading Online

Every psychic on the platform provides readings through different mediums. For example, video psychic reading might not be available with each and every psychic.

A good feature to like about Psychic Source is that you can set an appointment with the psychic of your choice. Therefore, even if they are currently busy, you can still get a reading with your favourite psychic at a later time that is convenient for you.

As a new user, you can choose your psychic for just $1 per minute. Even the most expert psychics on the platform can be found for $2-3 per minute.

2. Oranum

Oranum is quite famous for its psychics that provide live online readings. Every psychic has their video feed turned on, which means that you can view the psychic as they give you your reading.

10 Best 100% FREE Psychic Reading Online

You can ask your queries by typing them in the chat box. There is also the option to turn your video feed on, but it is not compulsory.

Even if you aren’t signed up for the Oranum service, you can still catch a glimpse of the live feed of any psychic for free. This can help in making a decision about which psychic would be the best for you.

Oranum’s psychics are experts in both Western as well as Eastern spirituality. Along with that, there are many options such as numerology, tarot, palm reading, and more. Therefore, you can find the exact service that you are searching for.

If you are a new user, you can get $10 worth of free credits at Oranum.

3. Life Reader

Life Reader is not as heard of as the other entries on the list mentioned so far. However, it is one of the most transparent online psychic platforms for free psychic reading.

On LifeReader, you get some really helpful insights about every psychic available. You can know about the online psychic readings they have provided, their reviews, percentage of positive ratings, and the year in which they joined the platform.

You can get a reading on LifeReader through live chat or video calls. However, not every psychic is available for both- chat and call. Therefore, make sure the psychic you choose is offering the reading option you want.

As a new user, you can get 50% off on the pricing plans of LifeReader. Not just that, you can even get a reading for $0.19 per minute or four free chat minutes.

4. AskNow

AskNow is another popular platform for getting a psychic reading online. While lags behind our other top picks in terms of features and number of psychics available, AskNow offers some of the cheapest pricing plans you will find on the internet.

10 Best 100% FREE Psychic Reading Online

AskNow provides online psychic readings through phone calls and chat. If you call the AskNow number, you can get in touch with your chosen psychic medium by entering his or her extension number.

AskNow hosts a lot of experienced psychics, with many having over 40 years of expertise in the field. Make sure to check out the specialisations of the psychic before you go through with your reading.

New users get to enjoy 20 minutes with a psychic for just $20.  Along with that, you can also avail five free minutes through the special introductory offer.

5. MysticSense

MysticSense is a good choice if you want psychics at the lowest prices. It does not compete with the top platforms out there such as Kasamba, but it cannot be called inferior to the best in any way.

Psychics on MysticSense provide readings through live chat, phone calls, and/or video calls. If the psychics at other platforms feel too commercialized, you might like the ones available at MysticSense.

As a special offer, you can avail five-minute trial reading at MysticSense for free. This can be a good chance to find out if it is the platform you need.

6. Kasamba- Free Online Psychic Reading Service

If you have ever thought of getting an online psychic reading and looked into it, Kasamba is one of the names you must have heard. It hosts most psychics that you will find on any platform, with experts in every field.

10 Best 100% FREE Psychic Reading Online

Kasamba offers psychic readings through chat and email. The chat reading works on a per minute pricing model and the email reading works on a fixed price estimate for the entire reading.

If you are a new Kasamba user, you get 3 minutes in your account to check out the psychic service. This is a great offer and you can use it on the psychic of your choosing.

Some of the most popular categories for which people seek a psychic reading on Kasamba are:

Dream Analysis:

Kasamba is one of the few platforms that has experts on dream analysis. If you have been wondering what meaning a particular dream (or nightmare) can have, this is the go-to section for you.

Love and Relationships:

One of the most common reasons for people to get a psychic reading is because of love problems. Love and relationship section helps in dealing with all such problems or doubts that you are facing in your love life.

Fortune Telling:

If you want to find out what the future holds in store for you, you can try the fortune-telling section. The psychics present here use various tools (such as crystal ball) to see your future.

Career Forecasts:

Career forecasts are good for learning where your work life is headed. If you are caught between two career options, you can find out which one to choose. Experts here can also solve any work-related problems that you are facing.

There are many other categories where you can find the perfect psychic reader for you. Every psychic reader has a detailed profile where you can view their skills and background. Be sure to check out the reviews and ratings of the psychic before you go ahead with them.

7. Keen

Keen has been around for over 20 years now, making it one of the most genuine online psychic services on the internet.

10 Best 100% FREE Psychic Reading Online

One of the things that stand out about Keen is that it provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is hardly anything else you need to find out about the reliability of the platform.

If you aren’t satisfied with your reading, you can get in touch with Keen’s customer support team and they will happily refund anything you paid for the psychic reading.

The good part isn’t over yet. As a new user, you can get a psychic reading from Keen free for the first three minutes.

8. California Psychics

California Psychics focuses on finding a psychic for you with whom you can make a great connection. It has a psychic in every speciality you can think of, including:

  • Empath Psychics
  • Clairvoyant Psychics
  • Clairaudient Psychics
  • Clairsentient Psychics
  • Medium Psychics
  • Dream Analysis Psychics
  • Remote Viewing Psychics

There are a lot more specialisations and psychic abilities available. No matter what your requirement is, you will find the perfect psychic for it at California Psychics.

As a new user, you can get a psychic reading for just $1 per minute. Even the most experienced psychics on the platform are available for just $4 per minute.

9. Psychic Txt

Psychic Txt is a great choice if you want a psychic reading app for your phone. You can use it to get in touch with a personal spiritual guide that will provide you with a daily psychic reading or answer your question whenever you want.

Like the other online psychic reading platforms you read about in this list, Psychic Txt also has a number of experienced readers, each with their own bio and rating. You can go through the various profiles and choose a reader that you feel a connection with.

The good thing about Psychic Txt is that since it is an app installed on your phone, you can access it at any time to get an instant psychic reading.

10. Free Divination

Free Divination is a psychic service that not many people have read about. Even so, it is a great choice to get a free psychic reading for yourself.

It utilizes many types of oracle methods through which you can get your own psychic reading, such as dominoes, playing cards, and rune casts.

The interface of this service is quite basic and leaves a lot of room for improvement. If you have tried other online psychic services, you might be a bit disappointed when you check out Free Divination for the first time.

Tips for a Better Free Online Psychic Reading Experience

When you are getting a psychic reading online, there is nothing you need to learn to make it work. The process is quite simple- choose a psychic and request a reading.

However, there are indeed some things that you can make sure to improve upon the experience you feel with the psychic reading. These are the things that many people ignore, leading to them feeling dissatisfied after the reading.

Decide what you want:

Randomly choosing a psychic is good if you want a general reading. However, to clear the doubts in your head, you should choose a psychic from a category in which you need answers.

View the Psychic’s Profile and Ratings:

Almost all online psychic platforms provide a detailed profile and specialization of the psychic. They also provide the reviews and ratings of the psychic from past verified users. Read all this information and choose a psychic that feels like a verified expert in the field.

Keep your questions ready:

Remember that you are paying for the time you spend with your psychic. Therefore, you should try to have your questions ready before the session with your psychic. It is a good practice to write these questions down on a sheet of paper.

Spiritual connection is important:

Even with all the past expertise in the field, it is not guaranteed that you will feel a spiritual connection with the psychic. This is why it is okay to try out many different psychics till you find the one with whom you feel a spiritual connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that people ask regarding free psychic reading online, along with the detailed answers to each of them:

Can I get an absolutely free psychic reading online?

All ‘genuine’ psychic reading platforms online have paid pricing plans. However, many of them offer free psychic reading minutes for new users, which you can enjoy for a free psychic reading.

What questions can I ask from my psychic?

You can ask any type of question from your psychic. Your psychic will provide an answer from a spiritual perspective for anything you want for any doubt you have in your mind.

Traditional psychics vs online psychics- which is the better choice?

While both types of psychics have their own benefits, it is better to go ahead with an online psychic. This is because online psychics are handpicked and verified professionals that you can trust. Not to forget, there are reviews and ratings for every online psychics out there.

What if I don’t like my psychic reading?

Psychic reading greatly depends on the connection you feel with your psychic. If you don’t like your reading on the first try, it is a good idea to try a different psychic. If you are still disappointed after a few tries, you can use the satisfaction guarantee if the platform offers it.

Will the psychic reading always come true?

There is no psychic reader online or offline that will provide a 100% guarantee of the reading coming out to be true. This is because a psychic reading is an indication of your spiritual energy, and there can be more than one interpretation for it.


Choosing the right online psychic service is as important as choosing the right psychic reading. When you are looking for free psychic reading online, you should also consider other factors such as the expertise of the psychics present on the service.

If you keep in mind the things that are mentioned in this list, you will surely have one of the best psychic reading experiences. Good luck with your online psychic reading!