Fuze Bug Reviews (2021): What They Won’t Tell You

Summers are notorious for having an annoying number of bugs and pests that one to deal with. The most common solution against these annoyances is the usage of sprays and repellent oils. However, these are far from the best options. This is because in many cases, such sprays and similar products come alongside an odor that can cause disruption and discomfort.

In some situations, the involved chemicals may even lead to allergies or side-effects. For this reason, people are giving up on the usage of sprays, and instead trying out devices that are made to counter bugs inherently. The Fuze Bug is one such device that has managed to come to the aid of many people this past year.

Fuze Bug Reviews (2021): What They Won’t Tell You

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What is Fuze Bug?

This is a bug repellent device that provides users with a simplified solution to their summer-bug problems. With the aid of LED-lighting this device is able to attract and eliminate all mosquitoes, wasps and similar bugs in one’s surroundings. This intuitive new method to get rid of bugs has become a boon for many people who were simply tired of having to deal with non-stop spraying of pesticides and repellants.

Simply by putting in a battery into the Fuze Bug, one is able to get up to 20 hours of consistent bug protection. Throughout this duration, one will remain clear of any bugs in their vicinity and can rest assured. Furthermore, the device is also an ideal companion for people that like to go on camping trips. By working as a night-light, it is able to provide two functions at once. Powered by a strong 1000 V high voltage zap, the Fuze Bug is able to disintegrate any bug that might cause issues whether at home or outdoors.

How Does It Work?

The main thing to keep in mind about the Fuze Bug is its powerful LED light. This works not only to provide a source of light to people who might need it, but also attracts bugs that would otherwise bother you. The device has an internal high voltage charge that will easily get rid of any bug that finds its way into its inner chamber.

Furthermore, all of the remains can be collected in an internal tray and removed the next day. Thus, the process remains quite simple and users need not worry about any kind of maintenance. The high-resistant Fuze Bug is able to function properly under any kind of weather conditions or environment. It also does not need to be charged for too long a duration.

Fuze Bug Pricing

This product is available in a number of packages as mentioned on their website. These have been listed below:

  • Alpha Bug Pack. $39.99 for a single Fuze Bug device.
  • Beta Bug Pack $37.99 for two Fuze Bug devices each.
  • Gamma Bug Pack. $35.99 for three Fuze Bug devices each.
  • Delta Bug Pack. $33.99 for four Fuze Bug devices each.
  • Epsilon Bug Pack. $31.99 for five Fuze Bug Devices each.

As is clear from this list, users are able to get a discount on each device if they choose to get the heftier packages. The more one buys at a time, the bigger the discount they receive. It should be worth noting that each package comes alongside fast shipping. And that users need to visit the official website to place their order, as the device will not be available on any retail store.

Pros of Considering the Fuze Bug

  • Safe to use for extended periods of time, and does not cause the same discomfort that repellents or oils usually do.
  • Saves one the money of having to buy repellent sprays and oils constantly.
  • The device is made to be weather-proof and durable, and is able to work under any condition.
  • Users are able to easily transport the Fuze Bug wherever they wish due to its highly portable design. It can be taken outside in a camping trip, for example.
  • The device comes alongside a number of packages that keeps into account the needs and requirements of each individual customer. Users are able to select the package that is best suited for their budget and price range.
  • The device is a tried and tested option, and the developers mention that they have sold over 32,000 Fuze Bugs to happy clients already.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Fuze Bug Review

Overall, this is one device that should come to the aid of everyone this summer. With its sleek and simple design, and highly effective results, it is becoming a worthwhile consideration. Users are able to order their very own Fuze Bug by visiting the official online store of the developers. Here, further details are available on how the Fuze Bug came to be, as well as any return policies and discounts. Visit Official Fuze Bug Website Here