Get a Free Vehicle History Report from VinFreeCheck Before You Buy Your Next Car

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By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Get a Free Vehicle History Report from VinFreeCheck Before You Buy Your Next Car

When thinking about buying a new house, the first obvious step one takes is having the home inspected by a professional. You want to know whether the house is as old as the owner claims or whether it has ever had a damaged foundation. A vehicle history report works in the same way. Before buying a car, it is vital to perform a car history check.

There are numerous vendors of car history reports. However, it is possible to get information on the car you want to buy from multiple online sites for free. VinFreeCheck is one of the only few websites that offer free vehicle history reports in the market. You can run a simple license plate lookup on VinFreeCheck to gain access to all the data collected over the lifetime of any car. Every time a vehicle is involved in an accident or smog tested, this record is stored in a database. Therefore, when you run the license place lookup on, you can pull all the data about the vehicle of interest.  

Get a Free Vehicle History Report from VinFreeCheck Before You Buy Your Next Car

What is in the history report?

While a car history report will tell you everything you need to know about the history of a vehicle, it does not show you the current mechanical condition. Even so, the history report can give you a good idea of the potential current mechanical state of the car based on how it has been treated in the past. This helps to determine the value of the car without doing a physical inspection.

Here is the kind of information you can expect to get on a car history report.

The Salvage Title

Get a Free Vehicle History Report from VinFreeCheck Before You Buy Your Next Car

If the vehicle you want to buy has been in a flood, fire, or a severe accident that caused it to be ‘totaled’ out (declared a total loss) by the insurance provider, the insurance company has to issue a salvage title for the car. This is meant to serve as a warning to future buyers. In most cases, it is advisable to steer clear of cars with salvage history. Such vehicles come with very low resale values and might have some serious mechanical issues.

A Serious Accidents Report

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Any serious accident a car is involved in has to be reported to the insurance provider. You can expect to find this information when you run a license plate lookup for the history report. On occasion, minor accidents are reported to the insurance provider. This information is also recorded in the history report. Check the details of the accidents in the report carefully. This way, you will not rule out a vehicle based on a minor accident report.

Previous Owners and Use

A vehicle history report will tell you how many other people have owned the vehicle before you, and how exactly they used it. You will know whether it was a taxi, a family car, or even a lease car. The report tells you every time the car changed hands. You will also know the actual odometer reading as some sellers spin it back to increase the selling value.

Maintenance Records

Get a Free Vehicle History Report from VinFreeCheck Before You Buy Your Next Car

Some vehicle history reports contain information about the service visits. This information tells you the repairs performed and routine maintenance checks done by a mechanic. This information is likely available if the car is serviced at a dealership as opposed to a private garage.

The Importance of a License Plate Lookup

Doing a vehicle history check is essential because it ensures you do not pay more than you should for a vehicle. Additionally, understanding the history of a car before purchase gives you leverage when negotiating the terms of purchase. A history report tells you of any legal or criminal issues the vehicle was involved in. A car history report is the best way to find the best cars to buy in the market. 

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