Get Prime Energy and Discounts on Bluetti’s Much-Awaited Prime Day Deals

People usually wait for Prime Day to snag their favorite items at huge discounted prices. Leading power solution brand BLUETTI is taking things further by having a Prime Day Sale that sees massive discounts of up to $960 on popular Bluetti solar generators.

Beginning July 11 until the 12th you can shop for what you need at the official Bluetti website or its Amazon page. Recommended products for adventurers, RV goers, and people who want to be free from the grid can look at the AC300+B300, AC200P, or AC60+B80 for starters.

Get Prime Energy and Discounts on Bluetti’s Much-Awaited Prime Day Deals

Off-Grid Mobile Living Unlocked with the 32% Off AC200P

The AC200P will be 32% off and cost only $1,119 on Prime Day.

Sleek, portable, and functional, the AC200P is the perfect companion for those who need reliable power on the go. RV enthusiasts can live the life they want, thanks to the AC200P’s 2,000Wh capacity and 2,000 AC output with a 4,800W power surge. You can continue with your journey and still have enough to power your AC, freezer, and other staple RV appliances.

Get Prime Energy and Discounts on Bluetti’s Much-Awaited Prime Day Deals

For charging, the AC200P can accept up to 700W of solar energy to keep you powered even in remote areas.

Never Fear a Power Outage Again with $1199 Off AC300 and B300 Combo

The AC300 and B300 solar generator system will cost only $2,299.

Say goodbye to blackouts and hello to continued creature comforts with the AC300 power station. Feel free to plug in any appliance, be it a coffee maker, CPAP machine, or microwave whenever you need them. The AC300 has 16 outlets and a 3,000W output with a 6,000W surge, as well as a UPS function so you can back up important files when outages happen.

Get Prime Energy and Discounts on Bluetti’s Much-Awaited Prime Day Deals

The AC300 can load up to four B300 batteries for a grand capacity of 12,288Wh, which is more than enough to power your home for several days. Bluetti has made its battery have a longer lifespan with innovative LiFePO4 technology that’s rated to perform for 3,500 cycles or more.

Set Up a Mini Power Grid System with the AC500 and B300S Combo

The AC500&B300S is discounted to $3,999 on Prime Day (save $800)

Shopping for the ultimate sustainable power system doesn’t have to be difficult. The AC500 is one of the biggest and most capable of Bluetti’s products with respect to capacity and power output. It’s an all-in-one power station that can churn out 5,000W continuous power with a 10,000W surge and up to 18,432Wh capacity, courtesy of B300S modular batteries.

The AC500 is portable too, which means you can set it up in your rural or vacation home, cabin, or even your main house. Maximum solar charging is rated at 3,000W, and Bluetti adopts the same cutting-edge LiFePO4 batteries for extra longevity and dependability.

A Taste of Renewable Energy- EB55, EB70S, and EB3A Discounted Up to 33%

Get Prime Energy and Discounts on Bluetti’s Much-Awaited Prime Day Deals

Bluetti’s EB55, EB70S, and EB3A redefine what power banks should be. They come in different capacities, from 268Wh to 716Wh depending on what you need. Ports include car outlets, USB, AC, and even wireless pads. Whether for camping, trips, or weekend getaways, these mini power stations have you covered.

Try the Newest AC180 and AC60

The recently-released AC180 and AC60 fill in those power need gaps quite nicely. The AC180 sports a 1,800W and 1,152Wh surge and capacity, as well as 1,440W fast charging and 500W solar charging. Slot in a B300, B230, or B80 module for expansion purposes. The AC60 stands at just 20.1 lbs. and houses a max capacity of 2,015Wh and built-in 403Wh LFP battery.

Grab the chance this Prime Day with top-notch Bluetti products at up to $960 off. Visit the official Bluetti website at