Getting the New iPhone 15? Here’s Why You Need a Strong Case

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Getting the New iPhone 15? Here’s Why You Need a Strong Case

Are you thinking about buying the new iPhone 15? Have you already bought one? Hopefully the first accessory you buy is a strong, rugged case to protect your investment from drops, shocks, and other accidents.

Like its predecessors, the iPhone 15 is expensive and if you’re going to carry one around, here’s why you need good protection.

Getting the New iPhone 15? Here’s Why You Need a Strong Case

1. An unprotected iPhone 15 will shatter

No matter how advanced the iPhone has become, one thing remains the same: they shatter when they hit the ground. This is common sense, and even though the guy in the video dropped his phone on purpose to test it, genuine accidents can happen from an equal or greater height.

The best way to protect your iPhone 15 is with a rugged case, like the Unicorn Beetle PRO, which has been proven to survive lawn mower blades, 50-foot drops, and being tossed out a car window at 50 mph. Few cases can actually claim to be this strong, and if you don’t want to end up buying a replacement, it’s wise to get a case before you even take your phone out of the box.

2. Random accidents do happen

When you consider the most common smartphone accidents that might happen, you probably think of things like your phone slipping out of your fingers or falling out of your pocket, and maybe even getting up from a table forgetting your phone was in your lap. These are extremely common situations, but they aren’t the only accidents you have to consider.

Random and seemingly strange situations can occur at any point in time. For instance, there was a kid who took the phone pinching challenge and pinched his phone while holding it in a metal grate. A classmate came up behind him and shoved him, causing him to drop his phone through the grate.

You can see a whole collection of these random incidents on YouTube depicting kids being intentionally careless with their iPhones. If you’ve been thinking about buying the iPhone 15 for your child, this compilation of kids ruining their new iPhones should give you good reason to reconsider.

If you think these situations are limited to children, think again. Adults do it, too. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show some of the craziest ways people accidentally destroy their phones, like people dropping them from rollercoasters, airplanes, and even boats.

3. You’ll be inconvenienced without your phone

Let’s say you skip the case and your phone breaks to the point of being unusable. You can send it in for repair or get it replaced, but what will you do in the meantime? Hopefully, you’ve got an older smartphone as a backup, but if not, you could be seriously inconvenienced.

You won’t have access to your calendar to keep track of your appointments, phone calls, or other responsibilities. If you use your phone for work, you won’t be able to answer client calls while you’re out and about, and if your hard drive gets damaged, you might lose your data forever if you haven’t backed up your files.

Inconveniences aren’t the end of the world, but they are generally preventable. A rugged, protective smartphone case is a small investment that has big potential to prevent damage in the case of an accident. This alone is the best reason to get a solid case for your iPhone 15.

4. Generic cases are mostly worthless

You know those kiosks at the mall full of phone cases that come in every design imaginable? These cases won’t protect your phone. They’re a dime a dozen and all of them are made without any standards or testing. If you buy a cheap case, you won’t have the protection you think you have, and this will become apparent the first time you drop your phone and the screen shatters within the case.

Don’t take that risk. Instead of buying a generic case, get a high-quality, rugged case for your iPhone 15. Although it’s nice to have a case that fully represents your personality, protection is far more important. Most rugged cases are a bit bulky, but it’s worth protecting your investment.

The iPhone 15 is expensive, protect yours from day one

No matter how many people say you don’t need a case, consider the guy who dropped his iPhone 15 after walking out of the Apple store just to do a drop test. The phone shattered and was unusable. Don’t take that chance with yours. Get the best case you can to protect your iPhone 15 against common and preventable damage.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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