Got a Fabulous New App Idea? Here’s a Wake-Up Call


Finding the right pro team for marketing and ASO is make-or-break in the overcrowded appworld 

Got a Fabulous New App Idea? Here’s a Wake-Up Call
Got a Fabulous New App Idea? Here’s a Wake-Up Call

In the amazing new Netflix drama Inventing Anna, a fake German heiress calling herself Anna Delvey has – for a short time – a boyfriend who’s raising startup capital for his app called ‘Wake.’ In the show, the idea behind the app is to crowdsource data from capturing people’s dreams – the premise being people would record voice messages or write notes after a dream before they’re forgotten. That whole idea might sound insane but it’s actually somewhat based on a true story, and it appears that for at least a while, some people did think such an app (which to us sounds downright creepy) was a good idea. In the show, wealthy investors don’t seem to feel the same way but they blow through their startup capital way too quickly and the whole idea becomes a pipe dream.

Here’s the part that the Netflix drama didn’t highlight: Even if the tech guy had gotten the funds to launch the app, it probably would have been a flop – as any app marketing company worth its salt would have been able to tell them. A professional ASO company is much more than just a group that has the right ASO tools, which of course are important, but a good ASO company is also your partner in market research. And in the case of the dream app, some due diligence and serious research would have likely turned up an overwhelming obstacle to the idea – namely, that most people aren’t interested in sharing the contents of their dreams. But even if you do have a brilliant idea for an app, without a pro team behind you to first do significant research, and then help you optimize the app across all major app store platforms, helping you increase your app’s visibility, calculating the likelihood of users converting to it, and working to push up its rankings, your app is pretty much dead in the water. And, as noted, it definitely helps to first ascertain if people actually want what you are offering, know who the competition is, and get guidance on how to get your message out there that explains why your idea is different and better than the competition.

Got a Fabulous New App Idea? Here’s a Wake-Up Call

There’s only one way to make even the best new app idea stand out, and that’s app store optimization or ASO. You need help wading through algorithms that find the most relevant keywords, as well as encouraging good reviews – one of big ways the app will be ranked higher and get into certain category charts. Let’s say you decide to create an app that finds the best price for various styles of shoes based on a person first going through a ranking of 25 styles and choosing them in order of preference. So far not bad. You’ve got a decent idea. But without the perfect description that explains to a customer why it’s worth installing the shoe app, it’s all for naught. Some might think a description such as, “Find the best shoes for you with a customized app” would be enough… but really, it’s not. People want to know exactly what the app can do, and why they should bother downloading it, especially as we enter an age of app consolidation

Perhaps you’ve noticed that quite a few companies are deciding to skip apps altogether as the mobile version of their website is enough, and they understand that people already have way too many apps on their phone – many of which they hardly use. Or perhaps you’ve witnessed the thinning of the herd where large corporations such as Walmart and others pare down what was once four apps into one, for example. This trend of consolidation will continue, as seriously, who has time to scroll through dozens of apps? The name of an app as well as its logo are also something some creators relegate to an afterthought, but they really shouldn’t. For example, Taiwan recently went on a huge campaign to promote itself in English – which is a good idea in general – but the app called Taiwan Plus has barely been heard of even in Taiwan, according to English-speaking journalists that live there. Plus, as you can see here, their logo is atrocious and doesn’t have the intended effect which was supposed to be something about bridging Taiwan to the rest of the world, etc. –It’s an example of a good idea poorly executed.

ASO professionals are teams of people who have decades of experience in marketing, psychology, research, and obviously app store optimization practices of all kinds that include finding keywords – which are constantly needing to be updated as new apps flood the market and the need to differentiate your product becomes a matter of life and death. The marketing/ASO company you choose to pair with will also help you understand how to be responsive to ratings – including negative ones. How many times have you decided not to download an app based on just one person saying something like, “It crashes all the time and there are too many ads”?  Knowing how to respond properly can keep you afloat, even if the criticisms are accurate and you’re still working through tech problems.

Oh, and by the way, there really is an app out there called “Wake” – only it’s for people in boats trying to navigate a lake…

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