GPS technology has been a game changer since its inception. You may rely on GPS trackers to locate someone. Tracking devices allow you to find someone or anything you wish to keep an eye on. When you put a digital barrier on the tracker, your life gets considerably easier.

GPS Tracking Apps Vs. GPS Tracking Devices- Which Is Better?

There are several GPS tracking gadgets and applications available on the market due to their tremendous utility. The availability of multiple choices and possibilities for anybody seeking a GPS gadget or app to meet their needs might be bewildering. Before you spend, you must determine which features you require and how you want to utilize them.

Many people confuse GPS trackers with GPS applications, yet they are entirely different. Applications and trackers, on the other hand, serve the same objective. You must select one based on your requirements.

Read on to learn more about the two solutions and what sets them apart from each other.

What Are GPS Tracking Devices?

A GPS tracking device allows users to track and monitor the whereabouts of people or items. These gadgets are most typically utilized as automobile tracking systems in vehicles. While tracking gadgets and in-car navigation systems are similar, there are a few significant distinctions. You can check this list for  examples of popular gps tracking devices.

What Are GPS Tracking Apps?

A tracking app is a software that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile device to monitor people and vehicles. Using the same mobile phone signal technology, these cell phone apps are meant to track the user’s location.

Benefits of Using GPS Tracking Devices and Apps?

  • Both these solutions can help you know the real-time location of someone or something that are very important to you.
  • These solutions provide the opportunity to check whether a young driver is operating the family vehicle properly, allowing you to use the information gathered as a learning tool.
  • Asset recovery is made easier in the case of theft, kidnapping, or other emergencies with these solutions.
  • Children, the elderly, and staff will have the appearance of independence, while you will have peace of mind.
  • These two devices help to review and save the comprehensive records of an asset’s, vehicle’s, or person’s whereabouts.
  • GPS tracking may be concealed thanks to discreet placement.
  • GPS tracking devices and apps aid in the location of positions, fleet tracking, and navigation, and serve as a map, weather warnings, and, anticipated time.

Difference Between GPS Tracking Devices and GPS Tracking Apps

1. Structure and function

GPS tracking devices-

The GPS tracking device is made up of four components that function together: a global positioning system receiver, a tiny computer, a digital storage device, and a cellular transmitter.

GPS trackers are intended to track real-time whereabouts at all times. In a nutshell, they take location monitoring to a whole new level. Tracking is more than simply a convenience. Instead, the entire gadget is specialized for real-time location monitoring, with dedicated software producing very precise tracking data.

GPS tracking apps-

The GPS app works by obtaining cellular data to aid with localization; this data is collected from cell towers by your phone carrier.

GPS applications are a more advanced kind of GPS technology. They are regarded as the most cost-effective choice because consumers do not need to purchase a separate gadget. They only need to download an app and they’re done! These apps are simple to use and enable you to share your location with family, friends, and colleagues.

2. Battery life

GPS tracking devices-

GPS devices have a long battery life. They are powered by a battery built particularly for use with the GPS feature. GPS solution vendors frequently provide extended or add-on batteries based on client needs.

GPS tracking apps-

Typically, phones are not designed to keep GPS operational at all times. As a result, if you use the GPS app manually, your phone’s battery will drain faster.

3. Consistency and speed

GPS tracking devices-

GPS tracking devices, employ GPS satellites to identify the location of the tracker. This allows for more constant and precise tracking. GPS tracking gadgets may also store forward, allowing them to monitor even when they are not connected to the internet. When the device reconnects, it will provide all of the correct GPS data to fill up any gaps.

GPS tracking apps-

GPS tracking apps, on the other hand, are often installed on your smartphone. When many background programs are operating on the same machine, the GPS app may slow down or offer delayed results. In addition, cell tower placement is less precise than GPS satellite positioning.

4. Tampering

GPS tracking devices-

Putting a specialized GPS monitoring device in your car makes it nearly hard to tamper with the device. It is constantly on and tracking, so you always have the most up-to-date information on where your assets or loved ones are.

GPS tracking apps-

A cell phone tracking app, on the other hand, is simple for your loved ones and staff to turn off whenever they choose. Your drivers can choose to switch off their phones or disable location services at any time, which makes it simple for blind spots to form in their location history. Even if they are not purposefully interfering with monitoring, your staff or loved ones may forget their device or mistakenly switch it off, preventing you from collecting the tracking information you want.

5. Customer support

GPS tracking devices-

Most GPS tracking device service providers offer outstanding customer service and support and are exclusively focused on resolving any concerns that may emerge if you utilize GPS tracking services.

GPS tracking apps-

In general, GPS apps do not have specialized customer support, and you will frequently encounter terrible customer service. Certain GPS apps may be able to assist you, but nothing is guaranteed.

6. Operation mode

GPS tracking devices-

According to GPSTracker247, GPS trackers rely on global satellite positioning to provide exact location information. The function does not require active data services on your Device.

GPS tracking apps-

GPS apps rely only on mobile phone signals, as opposed to GPS trackers, which rely on genuine GPS satellites. This may result in somewhat erroneous statistics, owing to the frequency with which cell phone communications fail. To use a GPS phone app, you must have a reliable internet connection.


People have various needs. Whether it be for tracking vehicles and fleets or your loved ones, both these solutions can help. Depending on the above-mentioned factors, choose the solution that is best suited to your needs.

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