Growthoid Review: The Instagram Tool You Should Be Using

Finding the right Instagram growth tool can be like looking for a needle in a haystack; there are so many companies out there that downright don’t deliver on what they promise. What’s worse, they can sometimes use shady practices that actually hurt your Instagram growth.

Not only that, who wants a bunch of fake followers sitting around on their profile that won’t even engage with content? What a waste. That’s not going to bring any real results at all.

Growthoid Review: The Instagram Tool You Should Be Using

If you need to boost your real Instagram follower count but can’t dedicate hours on the platform engaging with new users, it’s probably time to find a growth service that can help you expand your reach.

That way, you can use your time and energy to focus on other vital parts of your Instagram profile, such as content creation and scheduling.

It’s not enough to simply hire an Instagram growth service and expect to see thousands of followers instantly; you’ve got to be delivering high-quality content in order to see the best results with any growth service out there.

That’s why dedicating your energy to the more important elements of your Instagram will help you to bring in and win over users in your target audience, especially when enhancing reach through an Instagram growth service.

So, which one should you choose? We checked a ton of reviews and did the detective work for you and have found a great option for Instagram growth– Growthoid. Let’s take a look at what Growthoid is and why it’s a reliable option to grow organic Instagram followers.

What is Growthoid?

Growthoid is a company that offers its clients organic Instagram follower growth.

That sounds pretty normal, right?

Well, Growthoid sets itself apart from many services out there in that they don’t use any bots, automations, or fake profiles. That’s right, they do all of their Instagram growth by hand.

This is an extremely valuable asset that is rare to find in most growth services, since almost all of them use some sort of AI or Instagram bots. In addition to their unique service, they’re super transparent in their communication and their service appears to be very simple and straightforward as described on their website.

When looking for an Instagram growth service, a really important thing to consider is that the company is clear in what they offer and not over-promising results just to turn a profit. Because Growthoid is so straightforward in what they offer and what you can expect from the service, their level of transparency is high.

This gives us peace of mind in knowing that we have a clear business relationship and know what to expect of the service. It’s great that they don’t deal with bots or automation because this keeps your Instagram growth much more authentic and valuable.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific features that help Growthoid deliver their results.

Growthoid Features

There are a number of key features that we really wanted to tell you about in our Growthoid review. We thought they were really useful and gave us a lot of confidence in the service that Growthoid is offering.

Feature 1: Account Manager

We love the account manager feature of Growthoid. After signing up, Growthoid will assign you an account manager. This dedicated account manager will help you with your Instagram growth for as long as you are a client of Growthoid.

Your account manager will be the one that is in charge of all of your manual interactions and will be the one following your targets in order to gain followers relevant to your profile and niche.

This ensures that all of the followers they bring onto your account will be ones that engage with your account and actually add value to your profile, increasing the possibility of conversion.

Let’s talk more about how Growthoid uses your targets to find followers.

Feature 2: Targeted Growth

Once you receive your account manager, they will expect you to send over your targeting instructions. This means that they will only be engaging with users that fall within the parameters of your target audience.

Why is this important?

It’s absolutely vital that your Instagram growth service uses targeting in order to find you real, quality followers.

Imagine that you run a cooking and lifestyle blog, and you find your account flooded with 15-year-old kids or middle-aged men that are from a completely different country. These followers are highly unlikely to engage with your profile and if you’re offering products, services, or subscriptions, you probably won’t see any conversion. Even worse, you might see a bunch of bots or fake accounts.

These examples are things that you can avoid by using Growthoid. Their accurate user targeting avoids the headache that you’ll experience with other growth services, and since everything is done by hand, you don’t have to worry about being flagged by Instagram.

Growthoid engages with accounts within your targets that are similar to yours through likes and comments, hoping for them to follow back. This is the most effective growth method on Instagram.

Feature 3: Tiered Pricing

Growthoid offers two pricing packages which can suit every budget. They’re very upfront about their pricing and what they offer on their website, which is also a really good sign that they’re a trustworthy company.

Both of their options are monthly with no contract or set term requirement. They have a standard package that is currently set at $49, which will get you 10 targets, alongside your account manager and steady growth. This is a great deal since the normal standard package is priced at $99.

Their premium package is set at $99, which is down from $149, and that extra $50 will gain you access to more advanced targeting– including 40 targets to be exact. Not only that, but they’ll give you access to VIP support, priority onboarding and enhanced growth, as well as blacklisting.

No matter which price point fits in your budget, there is definitely something for you in Growthoid’s offerings and they’ve got competitive pricing when compared to other companies in the Instagram growth market.

Growthoid Review: Conclusion

Our Growthoid Test

We tried out the standard package, and we were super satisfied with the level of service we received. We got a response promptly after signing up and Growthoid was quick to get our account set up with their service.

This is really important to ensure that a service is actually safe and that they care about your results. Long wait times and delayed responses often indicate that they’re trying to take you for a ride, so we’re always happy to test out these services and see if we actually receive what they claim.

We were really at ease with how Growthoid works. Knowing that there is an account manager to help with our Instagram growth was a big factor for us, as it keeps our account safe and makes sure that we don’t get flagged by Instagram or have any problems with bot takeovers.

After using the service for just a week, we already saw a boost in both followers and engagement. We could definitely tell there was interest generating around our profile, and that was really exciting.

Final Thoughts

Growthoid definitely exceeded our expectations; we love the account manager, the simple and straightforward features of the service, as well as their direct and clear communication.

Their support team is great and they are super responsive when going through the onboarding process. We are happy with the results that we’ve seen so far, and we can tell that Growthoid really cares about providing their clients with real Instagram followers and a positive service experience.

We have no doubt that you’ll find their service just as valuable as we did!